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  1. No need to take body off engine drops out
  2. It is a reliant rialto and the engine has to be droped out the repaire needed is a broken piston ring and it can be taken somewhere. I have taken a engine out before myself but as explained i am a bit old and creaky for playing under cars.
  3. Hi looking for recomendations for engine removal and replacement after repaire, could do it myself but getting a bit too old and creaky me not the car
  4. I have a burnt valve on a Reliant engine Any recommendations please on where to get the repair done
  5. Henry Taylors Hamlet Craft Tools and Crown hand tools make wood turning and wood carving tools
  6. Sorry but I am as thick as two planks when it comes to electricts how would I rig a test lead up
  7. Reliant Rialto the fuse on one of the circuits blows as soon as I put the ignition on, the circuit includes the indicators,heater,wiper motor and instrument gauges
  8. With it being a spate river the water level is very unpredictable
  9. Can any one recommend a auto electrician to find a fault on a classic car please
  10. I used to fish the bit you are talking about at the rear of Yorkshire tar distillers must be about 57 years ago. Used to be free as I recall until some one put a small dam at each end and stocked it and charged about 6p a day
  11. Have sent a personal message just rescued a hog that only weighs 350 grams help please
  12. Is it best to uninstall norton first
  13. I have windows ten and have norton anti virus installed if i download TalkTalk SuperSafe do i still need norton
  14. I think you mean a bit of the old river course i think they called meddows pond used to be owned by westfield collery fishing club which has long scince ceased to exist
  15. Got my watch back yesterday all mended and working after about 18 months
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