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  1. Inter Milan 4-3 spurs


    After watching the game last night inter v spurs in the champions league.Lets all hail Gareth Bale, who scored an outstanding ha-trick against Inter Milan. what a performance from this young man he's got it all pace skill energy strength and a sweet left foot.If only he was English I think he will go on to be the next Ryan Giggs. Is there a better left sided player in the world ? your opinions please........... is Gareth Bale simply world class?



  2. I wish my fridge/freezer would brake down :hihi: I;d love a new one, had this frost free fridge over 30 years, my next choice would be to have the freezer on the bottom, I have a second side by side fridge/freezer but wouldn't have that style again, same with my washer and dryer i've had over 30 years, i'd would chose a front loader next time but both are still working like new.


    Never took out a warrantee on any appliance .

    lol well you know what they say old is gold

    bye the way what make is your fridge and washer dryer?

  3. hi can anyone recommend a good reliable fridge freezer to buy? we need to buy a bigger one due to a expanding family we have a had a whirlpool one for a few years now and it has been excellent no problems yesterday i went and ordered a indesit ban12nf model from currys but after reading the awfull reviews online i think im going to exhange it but im not sure what for ?.......what are your experiences and recomendations please...

  4. I think Harry Redknapp made two tactical mistakes playing b.a.e. at right back hes a left back cant play at right back ....hes so left footed hence the penalty and then moving palacios to right back ...another penalty...!! and spurs played crap didnt play at the same tempo like they did against Arsenal and Chelsea


    If you want something to use out and about then a netbook might be OK (easier to carry and less obtrusive) but -the battery life isn't all it's cracked up to be,


    have to disagree mate!

    I have a Eee pc netbook excellent battery life up to 7-8 hours!

    my hp laptop average battery life up to 2 hours

  6. so what Beckham is 34 years old well past it if you ask me

    options for right wing if fit

    1 lennon

    2 milner

    3 swp

    4 adam johnson

    5 ashley young


    Its time to look to the future Beckham has been a great player. never had great pace but a great dead ball specialist but its time to move on now. a blessing in disguise and time to give somone else a chance

  7. hello:hihi:


    I have recently bought a new laptop and have installed the following free software....


    Real player......to watch videos mp3 etc


    microsoft security......anti virus


    malwarebyte...... anti malware


    Mozilla firefox.......for internet


    Ashampoo........... burning software


    cleanup!........for cleaning



    have i missed anything?what have you installed on your machine? and what software do you recomend from your experiences?

  8. Oh fer god's sake!!!!!! they've gone and changed the format of the classifieds AGAIN. Can't they leave well alone! :loopy: I used to really love browsing in there, went in today and all the for sale stuff is just lumped together and the look of it all is horrible!!! Were we even asked if we wanted it to change - NO. :rant: So now that my rant is done and calm is gradually coming back to me, does anybody like the new format or are some of you of the same opinion as me and hate it???? I for one am definitely put off going in there again! :huh: think I'll stick to freecycle lol.


    I agree with you 100%

  9. It is much better being able to post on the classifieds; if you just want to ask a simple question (like I see someone has asked what size a pair of boots are) then the seller only has to reply once rather than getting loads of PMs and all the potential buyers can see the answer too, so thanks for bringing this feature back.


    I might even start looking at them again now.


    i think if your selling a pair of boots it would be a good idea to state the size! :loopy:

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