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  1. Inter Milan 4-3 spurs After watching the game last night inter v spurs in the champions league.Lets all hail Gareth Bale, who scored an outstanding ha-trick against Inter Milan. what a performance from this young man he's got it all pace skill energy strength and a sweet left foot.If only he was English I think he will go on to be the next Ryan Giggs. Is there a better left sided player in the world ? your opinions please........... is Gareth Bale simply world class? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-6CGqxOz38
  2. Fantastic Game a must buy for the ps3 rating 10/10 loved it same goes for uncharted 2 10/10 if you have got a ps3 I recommend these 2 games
  3. lol well you know what they say old is gold bye the way what make is your fridge and washer dryer?
  4. spoke to a few people and the told me to go for ......... hotpoint zanusi boch so i went for a zanusi price £250 for john lewis with free 2 year garuntee
  5. my mates got a beko but im not keen on beko sorry
  6. decided to go for a frost free zanusi from cole brothers with free 2 year garuntee
  7. hi can anyone recommend a good reliable fridge freezer to buy? we need to buy a bigger one due to a expanding family we have a had a whirlpool one for a few years now and it has been excellent no problems yesterday i went and ordered a indesit ban12nf model from currys but after reading the awfull reviews online i think im going to exhange it but im not sure what for ?.......what are your experiences and recomendations please...
  8. has anybody else noticed how much car insurance has gone up this year ...last year i payed £250:D ....and this year its gone up to £500 .... what a rip off ...!!!
  9. Go compare the fat bloke with the tache defo gets my vote its so loud and anoying !!!!
  10. I think Harry Redknapp made two tactical mistakes playing b.a.e. at right back hes a left back cant play at right back ....hes so left footed hence the penalty and then moving palacios to right back ...another penalty...!! and spurs played crap didnt play at the same tempo like they did against Arsenal and Chelsea
  11. Freeview HD is here! but only problem is there isnt many hd channels available i think theres only bbc hd itv and ch4 on freeview hd but more to come...........
  12. Try retuning your Freeview Box .I think it could be something to do with Freeview HD Testing
  13. have to disagree mate! I have a Eee pc netbook excellent battery life up to 7-8 hours! my hp laptop average battery life up to 2 hours
  14. see below im new to this quoting
  15. I am with e-bico for gas and electric there price was excellent value for money but recently like most companies there price have increased but not decreased
  16. should be no more than £200 estimate i think clutch would cost around £100 and fitting around £100 what year is ur car
  17. so what Beckham is 34 years old well past it if you ask me options for right wing if fit 1 lennon 2 milner 3 swp 4 adam johnson 5 ashley young Its time to look to the future Beckham has been a great player. never had great pace but a great dead ball specialist but its time to move on now. a blessing in disguise and time to give somone else a chance
  18. were is the best place to download from does anybody know a link? and do people agree that real player is rubbish?because im thinking about removing it:confused:
  19. do you have link for k- lite codec pack and is it better than real player? i did have a few problems with real player on my previous laptop which had vista but fingers crossed its been ok on my new laptop which has windows 7
  20. hello:hihi: I have recently bought a new laptop and have installed the following free software.... Real player......to watch videos mp3 etc microsoft security......anti virus malwarebyte...... anti malware Mozilla firefox.......for internet Ashampoo........... burning software cleanup!........for cleaning have i missed anything?what have you installed on your machine? and what software do you recomend from your experiences?
  21. i have to say that the picture quality on HD is truly amazing love it the detail and picture sharpness and the colours are superb lovin it!
  22. is there an option to delete the advert after you have sold ur item??
  23. Totally agree the old version was much better and easier to access everything was organized in sections bring it back !
  24. i think if your selling a pair of boots it would be a good idea to state the size!
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