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  1. I have infinity 1 with the HH6, never have to re-start and speed is constant. I upgraded to the HH6 as I was having issues with my old HH4. A bit annoyed that I had to pay £50 for the new hub but it has made a whole world of difference.
  2. Interesting to note that people actually believe that Richard Branson has anything to do with Virgin media at all. To clarity NTL/TELEWEST pay Virgin to use the Virgin name.
  3. Where is the pond in Ecclesfield please ?
  4. Never let the cold stop me. I often question my sanity following a really cold day on the bank:loopy:
  5. Roundwood in Rotherham. Stuffed with big carp, has pegs close to the road and night fishing can be booked via 6am tackle shop. Good venue but the road down to the pond is a little bumpy Clearwater lake at Ranskil is also worth a look.
  6. Fair enough. I knew one of the sites in that area flooded a few years ago
  7. Is this not the place that flooded really badly not so long ago ?
  8. I have moved from DR to BT, in a nutshell BT will tell you they can not use the existing line as it is connected to BT. They will then offer to install a new line at a cost of £125. Stand your ground and tell them you would like Infinty (2) but are not prepared to pay. I did this, they said they would install the line free but continued to use my DR line when they arrived which just disconnected my DR service. It means having a new telephone number but hey ho ! I have to say my Infinity 2 connection is far superior than my DR connection ever was.
  9. You will be able to watch the sub free HD channels but if you want to record you have to pay Sky for the privilidge
  10. Mole smokes finish them off big style, but are they not a protected species ?
  11. I have to agree, there are several members who have contributed to this thread that would argue with anyone who does not share their opinion.
  12. Totally agree, every person has the right to decide if they wish to be photographed or not
  13. Fact - From personal experience this is in no way nonsensical. I am really, really surprised how dismissive of every day dangers to our youngsters, some members on here are.
  14. @boyfriday :hihi: Answered on several occasions further back in the thread.
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