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  1. Done it, done it and in it, but thanks for your reply. Were just trying to do something different, I know it wont be everyones cup of tea. everything has to start somewhere.
  2. THe Brotherhood of real ale aka the "BRA" are looking at finding Sheffield and the surrounding areas beat real ale pubs, they dont need to have dozend of beers just a few decent handpulls is enough to qualify, let me know or email realalebra@googlemail.com or check out brotherhoodofrealale.co.uk thanks
  3. Re Stocksbridge bypass. I have used it regularly since the cameras went up over 10 years ago, I still dont know anyone who has been done, most days someone passes me doing what must be well over 70!
  4. Id join, There is also a new society started in Sheffield the "BRA" http://www.brotherhoodofrealale.co.uk I know someone whos involved with it, the new website will be up and running in a month or so, its on Facebook too.
  5. the helicopter is over Stocksbridge now, I can hear it but cant see it.
  6. I got off the bus near dumpit and walked home, didnt look like it was going to make it. Was bumper to bumper all way into Sheff. That was at 9 tho so could be better now.
  7. Not much grit left, Just passed Deepcar Dumpit and Grit depot, around 20% left.
  8. it must be bad, just heard on Radio Sheffield, the Sheffield Wednesday club shop is closed. You can return your tickets on line.
  9. has the Harlequin closed? Ex Manchester between Wicker & Kellham Island.
  10. Where is the drunken bit come from, a bit of an assumption dont you think. It was 6pm on Christmas sunday in a pub. Oh yes I see your point. However, as I was in the pub at the time, they seemed a very decent bunch of lads who when abused and the F word was used they drank up and left. They even took their glasses back. I heard one of them say there was a new beer appreciation society http://www.brotherhoodofrealale.co.uk but I cant get on the website, They refer to themselves as the "BRA" sounds good i may join.
  11. Not only were some of the 15 lads CAMRA members there were some members of the newly formed Brotherhood of Real Ale. An up and coming group of likeminded people who appreciate a nice pint in a friendly pub. the Flat Cat as Hoddock called it could catch on.
  12. I too was in the cat upstairs, the atmosphere was great after all it is Christmas. I could not believe the way we were spoken to. I am sure our next tour we will give the fat cat a miss. PS anyone know why the Harlequin was closed?
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