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  1. I've been told AnE wont see me because it's dental
  2. AnE it is then, and people moan about people abusing the AnE service!! ---------- Post added 15-02-2014 at 19:44 ---------- Why's that then?
  3. Lotte was right, called 111, they can't help until tomorrow they said will take up to 24hr to call me back..hmmm
  4. Would NHS walk in centre be able to help?
  5. Does anyone know where I can go to get treatment asap?
  6. Ash chill we all know what you did to mels merc after 2 hours
  7. I think sometimes think learner drivers are part of why accidents happen:o
  8. I'm all in favour of providing a better service and help by cutting out the 'creative fare' but can you now perhaps put forward a few negatives for the drivers? for example; much more messing about and looking at the meter can only increase the chance of an accident, I know you shouldn't but you know and I know it will happen, therefore much more a possibility of an accident.
  9. What and join the list of nearly 1000 drivers and waiting hours for work? Naaa but thanks for the consideration, I only have one leg anyway so i'd be a terrible driver.
  10. Yeah cheers for the update. What happens when you drive under the viaduct as the GPS signal is broke, this leads to the mileage not recorded have the drivers got to simply guess? this happens in built up areas with large buildings i.e Town and Wooded areas like Grenoside, the meter does not catch up, drivers have tried it.
  11. You will be able to manually input waiting time in as an "extra"- lets say it's £1.00 you just input it however this will not be displayed on the end fare figure, it will just be displayed in the small extra section that the customer won't be able to see properly. It's going to be confusing to the customer and will create yet more arguments because the end fare figure will say less. Can you Imagine trying to explain this to someone who's sunk ten pints? It could be improved in terms of the waiting time input changing the big end-of-fare figure, this IMO would make it more easy for the customers and take the heat off the driver.
  12. The DataHead that is already in the car has a facility that can calculate the fare in view of the customer, it's not really like the Black cab meters because they have to be calibrated by the council. The new system will get launced at the end of November, however it does act like a meter and it looks like a meter and in all perpose is a meter HOWEVER it's not a meter that is regulated by the council otherwise there would be an argument that P/H cars could be classed as a Hackney carrage and therefore pick flags up.
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