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  1. here you are -- ring 01142396068 and you will get a proper answer. I understand they work monday to friday.
  2. it is going to be the place where they dump all the unwanted european lgislation!!
  3. right ,so the anti smokers have done a good job reducing the places where smokers can partake. if any of these folks are feeling the need to find something else to have a go at may I offer the following. direct your efforts at -1. the street drunkards. 2 the druggies and 3 the beggars in our cities.
  4. I do wonder ---how many do you need to get rid of if you are asking now???
  5. I hope that you realise that the dates on produce [apart from a few exceptions] are for the stores convenience? the date does not really mean that there is anything wrong with the food.
  6. from the number of times these problems have been raised I would say that you would be better off getting some blood pressure medication. it will do more good than trying to stop these things happening.
  7. its a long way from woodhouse!! even for good fish and chips.
  8. can I find out when they will be down my street?--I want to go out and wave at them!!
  9. I have just got my card, what I want to know is --what is the purpose of the 2 half size cards that came with it? I will ask next time I go in but in the meantime does anyone know?
  10. what I cannot find is " how did these reg. numbers get together with the cars that they were using?" and from most of the comments that I have read from the argies they seem to making a stretch on the plates I would think there would be many instances where one could make a similar case about registration plates.
  11. and still these people continue to put these pictures on their computers??? "oh it will not happen to me" oh yes it will!!
  12. so --a 4 year sentence [on the books] 2 years served less any time on remand and a 6 year driving ban. if memory serves me correctly the driving ban starts at the moment of sentencing so is not actually 6 years. I think that any driving ban should start after time served. of course another aspect of this is when [if] this woman tries to get insurance afterwards. I am not of the "hang em flog em " brigade but driving in the manner that she did , drunk and responsible for a mans death this does seem a little on the light side.
  13. so you could not be bothered first, to read the label second to remove the wrapping and third to blame morrisons!! come on --face it ,you dropped a gooly. live with it and get on with life.
  14. I would guess that these are the same people who drive around for the rest of the year with fog lights on!
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