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  1. 16 months in jail and he's out after a quarter of his sentence? Why? because its legal theft.
  2. It's more like silly old sods who's got too much money and they buy chopped onions and chopped carrots in a bag. They shop in one of the most expensive shops in town, and then go home and complain,(but saying that they always complain,because they have not got any thing else to do)and say how much money they have spent and it weren't like it in my day!!!
  3. Who the ---- are Nervo? and Knox? Do the shop in M and S?
  4. Nimrod,No need to get personal,why would I want to shop at Primark for heavens sake.I am not a toe rag!!You may frequent the place but I certainly don't
  5. Ps, and have less of "ill mannered".You ought to know better at your age.
  6. Calm down dear, its only an observation !!
  7. Just had the misfortune to go into M and S and couldn't believe how long it took to do some shopping. People seem to be on a different planet,they walk about one mile an hour block all the isles and stop and stare into space as though waiting for some devine inspiration.They get on the escalator as though its going to do them harm and then when they get to the top STOP in there tacks and again devine inspiration comes into play!!Never come out of a shop so frustrated, I had to call to the nearest battle cruiser to have a sneck lifter to calm my nerves.
  8. I always wear a top hat when I go out,as you can see from my photo!!! lol
  9. Why do Subaru car owners think they are like formula one drivers,and why do there cars have to make so much noise!!There's an idiot on our street who as one and I can here him coming from 4 streets away!!There should be a law against all the noise they make.
  10. The shop lifters used to hold up their loot to the window from outside to see if you wanted to buy anything. Brought a new meaning to 'window shopping'!!!
  11. I remember going in on a Sunday night and they used 2 have a sing song with a chap on the piano,I'd be 17 then and felt really out of my depth,drinking with all these "old people"That would be in 1971
  12. As anyone got any stories of the characters that frequent this pub past or present?
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