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  1. Hi Ten Ten.....What was your name.....Eileen
  2. Hi All...I went to Morley St School from 1951-1961....I remember Mr Moore (head) Mr's Warton,Priestley,Rawlins and a Mrs Morris....Give me more time and I will recall a few more..!!! LOL...We had games on the field at Myers Grove and often in the summer nature walks in the Donkey Woods. My name was Eileen Jackson...my brothers Tony and Brian also went to the same school.Brian was 8 yrs above me and Tony was 2 yrs above me...Hope to hear from anyone who knew us...
  3. Does anyone have any info of the Teacher Training College in Collegeiate Crescent Sheffield in 1934...My late Mother was in service there in about 1934-36...Anyone point me in the right direction for info.... Regards Pisces
  4. thought i might reply to this thread..did any of you oldies know the Callaghans...they lived at 123 buchanan rd about 1942's to 1970's.......
  5. I was watching(and doing the ironing) a catherine cookson film "the wingless bird" when I saw them making the orange fishes
  6. Does anyone remember the orange sweet fishes of the 1950's..they were made of boiled sugar in a fish mould and were orange in colour looked just like a goldfish. They were about one and a half inches long and i think sold for about a halfp4enny each....its strange what comes into your mind when you are doing the ironing!!!!
  7. I used to work at Avery Scales in 1964/65...It is on Bridge St...I was a Wages clerk there. Ok to work there.
  8. Thanks hillsbro...I knew I was'nt losing my marbles!!LOL....just read the link...I remember The Appleyards too
  9. The memory takes us all eventually !!LOL
  10. I've been reading through all your memories of old tv programmes...Now here's one for all you oldtimers...Does anyone remember "THE GROVE FAMILY" If my memory serves me right it was on BBC (before ITV and the rest)...In it was a very young Christopher Beeny (of Upstairs Downstair fame) I remember sitting down to it on a Friday night about 7pm in about 1958 ..
  11. Does anyone remember the club on Walkely Lane called the La Plata....I used to go their in the 60's...What I want to know is how did it get the name and is it still?....
  12. hi nellie been on f.r....the pics are great...got 3 pics of my big brother from the person who put then on...would like a copy of one of yours...contact you on f.r. pisces
  13. They all must have gone to ground!!!LOL I'll have a look on fr
  14. They all must have gone to ground!!!LOL I'll have a look on GR
  15. Hi Nellie do you remember Tony Jackson??
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