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  1. I got my car from direct cars! They are really good too! They are very helpful!
  2. I'd say train then catch the 91 bus! It takes you right outside race course!
  3. The Italian restaurant has closed upstairs too! I agree though Old Orleans was awful! Me and my OH went because we heard the food was lovely, we was really disappointed when we went.
  4. Yes there on tour and the tickets go on sale at 9am so excited!
  5. When I had my labs injections and stuff done it cost me £11 for the microchip, it cost me £20 for his injections.
  6. I totally agree with you lolypop and I'm very sure many people will find your post quite helpful. Obviously some people don't appreciate help or advice when it's given to them.
  7. I agree with you... I wouldnt think of a criminal record if this happened to my kids, i would kick their heads in first!
  8. You could give Jean Matthews a try, she is lovely you can catch her on 01142471772. She was my driving instructor and I was ever so nervous. Shes so lovely! Hope She can help
  9. There is a really good one at Swallownest called Swift Auto Centre but its miles away from you. They're really cheap as well.
  10. Take her to centertainment there's alsorts to do there, such as bowling, pics and monkey bizness is there too
  11. I think I might get her to do that because she is very worried bless her. She has done some research and she is worried that when she does eventually have a baby, she will miscarry but I did tell her not to read things of the internet and get some proper advice, her doctor is useless. thanks
  12. Does that mean that she cant have children then?
  13. Well I have bought him a Kong and stuffed it... Its worked miracles... so far (touch wood) I have also bought him a treat ball, where he has to get all his treats out of and bought some anti-chew and its all worked... so hopefully he will stop chewing carpets, skirting boards etc. Thanks for the advice everyone. Really appreciate
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