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  1. Thanks for the Help, But i'm not Holding My Breath !!
  2. Thanks RiffRiff have tried owners club but without any Luck, They were in the Maccelsfield Branch of the MG Club !!
  3. Thanks for that Mick will give University a try !! ---------- Post added 12-06-2018 at 14:01 ---------- Don't know name of man that lived there by any chance ???
  4. Yes Sharrow lane, but you can hardly walk in to somebody's property an just say o'sorry just looking for a car, would be arrested in no time !! Thanks any way !!
  5. Yes that's correct, It has Been a while since it was left for restoration , It's only now my Wife has been thinking about it, Just to Get some Closure !!! If you have read the full Thread it does explain that her then Husband had taken it for this Jim to restore, It was Running at that time,But he Died without letting her know exactly where it was ?????
  6. This Might be a Long Shot, But I am Looking for a Car that was left for some restoration, in Sheffield. It was/is a MG BGT SPORT,1970, Blue/Cream,Reg XUM634J, It was last seen in a Garage in the Sharrow Rd area around Priory Rd, The Car belongs to my now wife, (who still has the Original Log Book in her now Married name of Lambert.)but was left by her then Husband who Passed away ! His Name was Malcolm Smith, I believe he ran the Bridge Inn for some time ! My Wife's Mother used to have a Shop in this area Betty Hill,(Still Alive & Kicking) He left the car with a Chap By the name of Jim ???? who did some part time Lecturing at Hallam University in Car Mechanics ? Engineering ?in the 90s, I believe he had a Garage Businesses down Attercliffe , Near what was then Andrews HGV Training & Bus/coach depot, where Malcolm worked, What we are looking for is Information as to whether the Car still exists or has been sold /Broken up ?? Just for some Closure !! Any Information would be Greatly Appreciated !!!
  7. To all concerned Betty is still very much Alive and Kickin, although she has in the last few years not been in full health after a bad infection around Xmas 2004, when we thought we had lost her. I'm Bettys son in law, Married to her eldest daughter, although I have only know Betty for 5 years, I find her quite a caricter,
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