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  1. Thanks for your responding I'll check this CEX, it is some kinda of Second Hand Mobile shop? Unfortunately I'll be just in Manchester and in Sheffield and my viziting is strict just for 10 days anyway thanks for responding And guys can you tell me the second hand Iphones cost in GB, if of course you know, because I don't want to be swindled. Thanks a lot
  2. You know the word of turkish people " inshallah" it said like God will show. As you said Bilkent university is good enough for this country and you was in the best university in Ankara second place takes METU probably you know. So thanks for your friendly answer my friend. Every time we are glad to see you again in Ankara.
  3. I live in Turkey I'm Graduate student from Central Asia in Turkey, in 12 January 2010 I will be in Sheffield in your city dear users of this forum. I will be just for 10 days i have a conference in Sheffield Hallam University related with Robotics. So let me tell you why i need your help, I have a dream buy a Iphone but in Turkey is so much more expensive than in GB and I want to use this opportunity being in GB and buy Iphone. And so question how i can buy used Iphone and where in Sheffield?
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