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  1. my sister inlaw went to Owler Lane in about 1949 ,to 1953 ,she was called Jaqueline Lindley from Sheffield Lane Top ,
  2. I went to school with a kid called Eddie Craven who I think lived in the steel houses more or less straight across from the bottom of Lindsey Road ,he had a double thumb nail one hand ,I remember him having one removed when he was about 12 yrs old ,
  3. who can remember the two rows of houses near westwood dam ,thy had their own chapel
  4. hiya again Bob ,yep Brian did finish with a good physique so did Charlie ,Alan Webster,and Alan Hinchclife who lived on Masters Cres.were also good ,I did,nt ,develop and get big ,but I had a very heavy lifting job at Newton Chambers for 30 yrs,and the next 27 yrs,were also on machines ,and I kept up with training with weights all my life ,I still go to the gym every day for a couple of hrs ,so I am the same weight and size as I was when I was at 20 ,I have some friends who live in Filey they live over looking Filey Dams ,I have done a lot of bird watching in Filey on The Brigg in the Ravine and at the dams ,you take care Bob its been good to hear from you and yes it was good where we were brought up ,I wish it was the same now for the kids around Lindsey Masters,Deerlands and Elm Lane where I was born ,our Moms and Dads did,nt have to worry to much when we went out at night ,take care Bri x
  5. hi ya Bob ,yes I knew Alan Webster ,he lived just below you as Ken Renshaw did ,the other side of the do you re member Ken Scoley ,he died quite young ,I also knew the Milton brothers I used to o weight lifting with brian and Alan Webster in a shed on the Miltons garden ,brian died about 18 months ago ,I used to knock about with Alan Webster and George Bagshaw,he lived just below the Webbers ,our paths must have crossed because I went to the youth club from about 1953 to 1958,
  6. hi ya Bob ,if you started at Southy in 1950 ,that's the year I started at Hartley Brook ,so I am 3,or 4 ,years older than you but we must have crossed paths at some time in and around Lindsey .Bri ,
  7. does anybody remember living on Thorncliffe row In Chapeltown .
  8. hiya cab 56 ,I,m Lynne Marie,s.friend ,we go to the gym together and go walking quite a lot ,we will be at the gym tomorrow I will tell her about your contact ..Bri .
  9. hi deerlands ,if Evonne was born in 1939 she would be in the same year as I was ,she might even have been in the same classes there were 3 levels most of the time ,1A,1A2,and 1C,i went thro all 4 years ,in the mid stream ,Bri ,
  10. hiya Deerlands ,the name Yvonne Fothergill rings a bell I was born in 1939 and I left school in 1954 ,that's when most kids on Deerlands went to Hartley brook,,how near to Lindsey Road did you line ,Bri
  11. hiya deerlands ,we lived at 158 elm lane ,the wells sisters lived at 228 elm lane ,there were 8 girls I think Betty was next to the youngest Jacqueline was the youngest I think I think Walt their dad must have wanted a boy ,so he kept trying until he ran out of steam or until missis Wells said times up Walt,we swapped houses with them in about 1957,i went to Hartley Brook school 1950,54 ,so I am 7 years older than you ,but my sister Ann went to Southey Green ,where did you live ,and whats your name .Lv Bri xx
  12. I remember the corn fields well I was born on elm lane and spent many hours in the corn fields ,sometimes they would sow corn in the small field below Lindsey Road School ,spent lots of time trying to find skylark nest ,can you imagine hearing skylarks today on Lindsey Road ,I think not ,Bri Bloomer
  13. hiya Susan nice to here from you ,hope you are well ,they were good days on Elm Lane ,yep i knew your sister worked at Asda as i live in High Green ,take care luv bri xx
  14. hi sheffueme was the mr,s street Roy Streets mom ,if it was then we lived nest door to them at 228 ,the Streets lived at 226 ,bri Bloomer ,
  15. if you are taking capsels its like cheating if you are of a certain age when we had to grin and swallow ,<<<<<<<<<<<<<,
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