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  1. It's part of a weekly event the Norfolk put on, they have various different street food vendors come for one day slots on a Saturday rotation. On a Wednesday they have Nether Edge Pizza Company in doing really nice wood fired pizzas. Haven't eaten from the Mussel Van, but been in whilst it's been there and the food smells and looks amazing.
  2. Just to update people, I got in touch with Stancill and the opening has had to be put back for a while due to the discovery of asbestos in the building. They've said to keep an eye on their Facebook page for an update of when it will actually open now.
  3. If you check the Stancill FB page and have a look what has been posted by other people on there, there's a post that they have replied to. Something for us all to look forward to! I know I'll be going along for more than the odd pint and bite to eat!
  4. After a little more investigation it looks like it's going to be opening on the final Friday of the month, and it is indeed Stancill who have got it! They've done a real good job with the Horse & Jockey from all reports so it's going to be good to see how it develops. I'm rather looking forward to it!
  5. If memory serves, it is Stancill who own the Horse & Jockey isn't it? If so I'd be pretty pleased with that! I only live a five minute walk away and Stancill do some pretty nice beers. the village is lacking in a really good real ale pub and has been for quite some time. I often thought the Norfolk had massive potential that was being under utilised when it was owned by Enterprise, and Andy wasn't really the person to take it forward, even though he kept a cracking pint. It'll be nice to have more pubs in Grenoside moving away from Enterprise and the pub tie side of the trade and getting more independents in, serving good, reasonably priced, beers and food.
  6. There is work being done on this at the moment, but I've heard conflicting rumours about who has actually taken over. One is the group mentioned above, another is that Bradfield Brewery have taken it over, and the final one is that it has been taken over by a company looking to turn it into a microbrewery. Anyone have anything firm on who it is who has got it?
  7. Yeah as someone has mentioned it makes a nice additional stop on the ale trail round there. I'm looking foward to giving it a try.
  8. My Favourite places for fish and chips in Sheffield are easily Brenda's in town, New Cod on the Block in Walkley and the one I like the most, Marishell's in Ecclesfield.
  9. Pete, It's the old Sportsman bar on Cambridge Street, just next to John Lewis.
  10. Sounds like a great place, I've been looking forward to your opening! I'll probably be venturing along at some point over Christmas. Just a quick one, I don't suppose you have the bottle Mauna Kea Pale Ale in that bottle selection do you?!
  11. I'm really looking forward to this. Looks like a great line up of beers and an absolutely wonderful location to have it in. Far better than that sweaty hall at ponds forge!
  12. Hi Kieron I know exactly what you mean mate, I've dropped 5 stone over the past couple of years. The first thing I'd say is take a serious look at your diet, and come up with something healthy that is sustainable and not massively high in carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta etc.) Also, when you do eat carbs, make sure they are not refined, so have wholemeal bread, brown rice etc. Diet is 80% of weightloss and training is the other 20% As mentioned above, whole body exercise is best for initial weightloss, using compound exercises in supersets, focused split training is probably best for later down the line. If you google something called Ten Tigers Training Plan, it'll give a good idea how to structure these sets to be able to help. I definitely found weight training combined with some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to be best as well, as has also previously been mentioned. Protein is King, I've never had a protein shake though, look for foods that are high in protein and make sure you are having these regularly, chicken and Tuna are good sources, but you can also find a good cheap protein source in Chickpeas and this helps to vary the diet to keep it interesting and make it easier to stick with. The key to success is making progress slow, steady, and sustainable, otherwise you will drop weight, and then put it back on again, like so many "yoyoers" Final thing, don't hit the training too hard, otherwise you will injure yourself and won't be able to train. Again, slow and steady making small improvements every week, start at a level that is comfortable and push it up a level the next week, one minute extra, 5 kgs extra etc etc. Good luck mate and come back to let us know how you're going on, I've got 18 lbs left to drop to reach my target weight, but I'm happier and healthier than ever.
  13. I'd be quite interested in this. How much will it be and what sort of level of fitness do you need to do this?
  14. The Monday later session from Velvet and the 50/50 from Shef_Fitness both sound good to me. Although I am extremely unfit. Hoping that this is a good way to remedy that!
  15. I'm looking for something suitable for a bloke in his mid 20's to get some fitness as well, anywhere around Grenoside/Chapeltown/Ecclesfield area. Would any of you recommend something you do for me? Also trying to get over a bout of leg based Sciatica as well. Not the most fun in the world!
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