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  1. If it's on the soft drink pump and you're having it as a mixer, then usually no. I have white wine and soda a lot and never get charged. I've never had it on it's own though. If it's not on the pump, so in bottles, then you definitely have to pay.
  2. They are using well known cases or causes of rape and sexual abuse, in particular of women, as humouress selling point. I don't see what is so "snowflake" about finding that pretty unfunny. I'm interested to know: how many of the comments, on this thread, in support of the concept/making light of it are by men? I'm guessing most, if not all. Thanks to the ones who haven't though, you guys are great!
  3. Indian kitchen, based in Foxhill, is amazing! Second to that, Spice Hut.
  4. As far as I'm aware it no longer has a nursery. My son goes to Kelham Island community childcare, which is owned and run by the women who used to run nursery at Primrose but were made redundant a few years ago.
  5. If you call in Dempsey's early doors it might be a good place to ask for any recommendations. Dempsey's is at the bottom of the Moor. It's old, worn round the edges and maybe not your scene but possibly a great starting point.
  6. I've seen Champs in Hillsborough have a "overs" meet up. Can't remember exact details, maybe give them a call. It was advertised on their Facebook too.
  7. I notice the Devonshire Cat has been mentioned a few times with the rebirth of this thread. It's being completely refurbished and making lots of changes in the coming months. Lots of the same beers on but losing its traditional edge. May disappoint some people but excites lady drinkers like me!
  8. I occasionally use the stop opposite the castle on Dykes Hall Rd, both to and from city. Despite confirming with stagecoach head office (I mainly use 57) several times that the fare is £1.80, I still sometimes get charged £2.30, with the explanation that the machine is GPS and it's definitely right. I personally don't care what the fare is, just wanted a straight answer!
  9. I went about 6 months ago, with a small party. Really good cocktails and atmosphere, a little slow on the service front during my visit but not terrible. You do have to book.
  10. I'd thoroughly recommend looking into air b&bs, they are all over the country and world. Just set your preferences to: entire place, two room, family friendly. Some will even have cots, toys etc! We've stayed in three now, all been fab. Next year we are taking our baby to Madeira, where we have got a two bedroom apartment in a residential block, in the resort centre, with a pool. £350 for the week. Flights were £450 with luggage. On a package deal even the cheapest, scabbiest hotels were double this!
  11. When I was due to give birth last October, in Jessops, I was told to take my own pillow as there was a shortage.
  12. The website 'little sheffield' has recently updated all the group lists and you can search by days. Really good for finding stuff. My husband takes over the care of our 5 month old in a few months, please do update any good ones you find. ---------- Post added 16-03-2016 at 20:02 ---------- Oh also look up Sheffield libraries 'babytime and/or storytime".
  13. I've been up with the beer loving husband. His word on the selection was 'decent'. Pub itself was nice, busy but not overcrowded. The cellar downstairs has lots of potential and looked good.
  14. John Lewis had an online advert for Christmas temps when I was checking opening times earlier.
  15. Gusto on Norfolk Row is really lovely for a romantic meal. Great selection of quality Italian food and great wines to go with it.
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