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  1. I fully accept that paramedics & other emergency services do a fantastic job but the amount of times these cars come flying past is unreal. One approched me yesterday & he must have been doing at least 60 in a 30 zone,no doubt on route to an emergency but the crazy speed they travel at times leads me to belive that before long theres going to be a big accident.
  2. i live in sheffield but i had to be rushed to rotherham hospital on tuesday night, stayed on B1 ward.just wanted to say,fantastic people working there socks off none stop.thankyou all very much.
  3. Drove through southey green at about 12 oclock today & 2 groups of lads were throwing house bricks at each other,bit later on the same day i saw a lad in a full face balaclaver dragging a garden rake past the shops threatening everyone in sight.whats up with these people?
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