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  1. I read the Sheffield Star online all the time and right now their coverage is great with all of the pictures of flooded areas with up to date information and the latest stories. The Star and SF keeps me informed and in touch. http://www.SheffieldToday.net So sad to see the Wednesday ground underwater!!
  2. Yes, my favourite sweet shop too as a kid. Get off the bus outside the hairdressers and walk back for a "penny mix" bag of goodies in a cone shaped baggie. My favourites where those soft and chewy sweets called shrimps. Plus I like black jacks and fruit salads. The shop is still there as I saw it when I went home at Christmas. Not sure what they sell now.
  3. Thought I'd ask the sheffield forum to be my friend. Couldn't remember the URL so thinking well, it's in England so it should be here right?? http://www.myspace.co.uk/sheffieldforum Who the hell is this? She may somebody's friend but not mine. Maybe she's a Sheffield forummer?? Didn't stay long enough to find out. <embarrassed>
  4. Happy Holidays Everybody Last year the staff at Walmart throughout the US were instructed to say "Happy Holidays" so not to offend anyone. There was a public outcry and many Christians tried to encourage shoppers to boycott the store. It became a really BIG deal.This year they all decided to go back to saying Merry Christmas. It offended the Christians by not acknowledging the reason for the season. However, the Hanukkah season started on the eve of December 15th. Seasons Greetings Y'all
  5. I just signed up. http://www.MySpace.com/GulfBreezeRealEstateAgent. My purpose is to network and to keep in touch with friends. However, I don't have any friends yet! Hoping to get my name out there in the real estate world and maybe get some new AVON customers. I had to lie to get in though. FYI: If you are over 40, you are too old!!!! Take 20 years off and it works. Last night I submitted my application 4 times. Changed my email address twice ( I have 4 of them) When nothing worked I Googled "MySpace + Ineligibility" Hit after hit came back and the basic thread was "AGE" Bloody hell, I must be ancient. So what are they going to do, ground me?
  6. So far our plan of action so far is: The Plough in Hathersage for dinner then Scotsmans Pack for drinks and carol singing. Peak Cavern in Castleton for Christmas Eve Christmas Day and Boxing Day on the sofa! The Deep Aquarium in Hull Ranmoor Tandoori Restaurant (Mr Funke has never had an authentic curry before) ..Chesterfield, Meadowhall may be on the list.... When do the sales start? Over here they start on Dec 26th cos there's no Boxing Day in the US. I need to buy presents for my parents-in-law as we will be flying back to North Carolina to spend New Year with them. Thanks Guys
  7. Hey Mikey, thanks for the info. Chesterfield is my Mum's favourite shopping place as the parking is easier than Sheffield. We also did Bakewell last time so Chatsworth sounds a good idea. Any idea when the Carol concerts at Peak Cavern? It was closed when went there in November.... brb... Hey just went to derbyshireguide.co.uk and found the schedule of Christmas events in Castleton. They have carol concert quite a few times but they do have one on Dec 23rd. With a brass band, mince pies and mulled wine. Fantastic idea. THANKS Go to go and email my Dad....
  8. I grew up in Shefffield and have been to these places before. My husband is the real visitor. Meadowhall maybe for shopping and the Manor to see friends!! Hmmm Matlock sounds a great idea and I forgot about that place. Mum and Dad used to take me to Santas Grotto at foot of t' Moor many many years ago. That was when Father Christmas was real!
  9. Well hello fellow forum members that remotely remember me. Well I am coming to Sheffield to spend Christmas with my parents. First time back for Christmas since about 1989. it's been a looooong time and I can't wait. We came for a visit in November 3 years ago and it was great. Warmest November on record and we were out an about in t-shirts in the middle of Fargate video taping the International Market and Peace Gardens. Got quite a few funny looks. We looked a right pair of bloody Americans!! And the 60 bus ride home was a trip! Dodging school kids and running people off Fulwood Rd at break neck speed. Holy crap! Forgot how different things are. So anyway, we arrive on Dec 20th and leave on the 30th. Where is there to go? Any suggestions for Christmas markets or exhibitions. Should we stay clear of Meadowhall? Where would you send a couple of tourists at Christmas? ...and be nice
  10. Hell, do we have to name names?? Can't remember them!! Been so many! Ha ha. Actually I have Googled some of them from time to time to see if they come up in any search... Broke news, died or became famous. One ex actually turned gay years after we broke up. I sort of saw it coming but denied the signs. At least he's happy. One ex I never ever say his name. Can't bring myself to even think about him as he was an abuser. My dad would have literally killed him if he'd known. Some exs are better off buried in the past. Never had one in jail though.
  11. I started at Nethergreen Junior School in 1967. My first memories are of lumpy mashed potato and cheese pie. YUK. Warm milk for our morning break. I hate drinking milk to this day. I remember singing the hymn "morning has broken" many times in assembly. I also remember friendly dinner ladies, boys and girls playgrounds, and Mr Courage, our Headmaster. Strangely enough I remember a really fat kid called Simon who always had yellow snot dripping from his nose. eeeuwwww All in all warm fuzzy memories.
  12. At 16 I started going to the Crazy Daisy. At least twice a week and Saturday afternoons too! Drank Cherry B and Pony (the drink with a kick) They were good times. Any guy in a mohair jumper was cool! I mean HOT!
  13. Do Gypsies still live up there? I thought they moved on! Must have been the locals?! p.s. Mum and Dad live up there. Mum must have had too many Stellas!
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