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  1. Property Offered: TINSLEY / BRINSWORTH BORDER Type of Property: semi detached house Number of Bedrooms: 3 Landlord: Sheffield Council Any other information: Good size three bed semi on a quiet cul de sac just across from the sports centre near BOC chemicals. Newly decorated front room with new black marble fire surround and real flame gas fire. Large main bedroom, double second bedroom and 3rd single bedroom. Large back garden with decking area and shed. Rent £90pw inc water rates Property Wanted: CASTLE COURT/HYDE PARK or HIGHFIELD or CROOKES or WALKLEY Type of Property: 2/3 bedroom flat, house or maisonette Landlord: council preferably but castle court is Guinness NC. Any other information:
  2. hi. thanx Plain Talker for taking the time. i live in castle court and i am interested in finding out about the old hyde park. do you know any other interesting facts about the flats or any book or website etc that i could get info from. cheers
  3. hi. in the red and cream ones that are still there?
  4. hi. did anyone live on the hyde park flats before it was done up? what was it like, what were the floors called,
  5. hi. does anyone know what the floors were called before the modernisation.
  6. Hi. If you go into the central library through the main doors and on your right there is a reception desk through some doors. They will be able to take copies from disc I think, to put on their picture archive. If you have the negatives then you could have them put on disc to view on your pc or DVD player. This could be done from the prints themselves but would take time and cost to have it done at a photo place. If you need any help I have some software that should do it. neabitts
  7. hi. does anyone know what the netherthorpe high rise flats are like? are they rough and full of work shy people? thanx
  8. hi. what is it like for crime? is it rough???
  9. hi. it would be great to have access to those pics, the central libarary have a database thet they would love to have a copy of your collection.
  10. hi. does anyone know what high green is like around jeffcock road area. near mortomley park and the primary school?. i am thinking of moving
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