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  1. we are looking at land with planning to build 2 bedroom flats and 3 bedroom flat on top of 2 flats out of shipping container will half land not use I am after someone to help out with the self build I am looking to go not work and grow food cut bill down on 07944240217
  2. I am looking for someone to help me with my son speech my son is 6 yrs old we could do with 2 hours a month or more to help him out it is making spelling and speech are holding him back could you ring us on 07478353534
  3. I got stair lift in house that bought it 8years old is they shop that buy stare lift??
  4. want to know have long planning take to change a use what type of planning would I need to turn b&b is a pub the same type of business an how much is it for planning app and do you know anybody deal
  5. we thinking of looking at it on Friday it they anybody out there childcare and would like it make big bussine and going to patnership
  6. we thinking of looking at it on Friday it they anybody out there childcare and would like it make big bussine
  7. how is the lease on a pub?? it on Penistone road what should I be paying on rent ? if I have it on 10 year lease. We have been looking for a large 3 bedroom house without buildings to buy one is 3% capital tax to buy a property because we have more than 3 property .we were thinking of have renting the pub pay it way wages would be nice if I got a set price tenancy I would not have to worry about interested rate or building insurances
  8. we are looking at a pub in Sheffield to lease we just want to know I much hard work is running a pub. how many hours do landlords do when eg running round for stock and paperwork and what is the pro and cons of the job the pub is going to be free house is there much profit in sale beer or is it best to hire a cook as well what does a real ale pub can pull in profits a year? the rent for this pub is £30k a year and the pub is closed down we think this is too much??? would be happy for some advice and how much is part time mangers wages a year going rate
  9. I am buying a house winkerbank close what is it like live around the area? is it easy to rent the property?
  10. we are looking start a business ? how much is rent for a shop on side street? how much is business rates?
  11. I have had same tentants for 7 years I more worried that they have more right me the landlord? because they been in the property for 7 years I have only give them 12 months tenancy and renew it every year. can anybody help me.
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