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  1. Hi Martin1print Been along time since we spoke sorry I need to ask you something do you remember me telling you about my son at university doing Graphic Design well he's on his 3rd year doing Typography and he is starting his graduation project. He needs to use a Letterpress printer or anything similar and I remember you telling me you have a small Design and Print Business he was wondering if he could come along to see you and see how you print and may be have a go under your supervision if that is possible it would help him a great deal if you could do this for him and he would appreciate it very much . I do not know anyone else but many thanks anyway.
  2. Hi Martin1print sorry its been along time since we spoke but I really need to find Brenda Marshall could your wife please give me Irene's address so I can contact Brenda it would be a great help to me as I have tried everything to find her.Many thanks.
  3. Hi Martin1print, You will most likely think I have lost my mind but when I said my son had finished his project about fish it must have been for some advertising side of Graphics thats all I can tell you it made me wonder never mind . Why did you come back to winter here when you were out in Singapore lucky you I would have stayed put. By the way how old are you if you do not mind me asking I am 61 to day just had my family around me cooked a meal for them now they have all gone home I am sat relaxing with a glass or two of wine best finish here or I will not be able to see ha ha.
  4. Hi Martine1print Long time no talk I have not managed to get on PC son doing final projects about fish of all things we eat all the tuna up not sure what that as to do with Graphic Design. You have been out of the country somewhere nice I hope we have had some bad snow over the last few weeks I think we all wish we were somewhere else at the moment. I saw an old photo of Loxleys in the star afew weeks back just before my time as I did not know any of the girls but Mr Mckay was in the picture and he was the foreman of the binders when I was there.Bye for now.
  5. Hi Don I remember the sink and geyser as you walked down but the posters were not near there when I worked there we were in the warehouse just of the binders near the packers at the bottom end it was a cramped place we had to walk on benches to get the posters out so I was glad when they had the new warehouse built at the other end of the firm. I also worked on the large folding machine I dont have a head for hights going up the steps at the side carrying sheets of paper to fan out on top made me feel sick so it was not something I did very often. I also worked on the staple machine and forgot to take my foot of I jamed the thing up I guess I was not very good at my job looking back I seemed to always be in trouble with somebody never mind it did me no harm.
  6. Hi Don thank you for filling me in knew two people you said thats about all yes the computer as taken over it is very rare these days that I pick a pen up to write a letter I do everything by computer I need not ever leave the house if I did not feel like it. I am an out door person and I still like window shopping so I am not completely glued to my chair. I must have followed on some time after your wife as we got the orders in the warehouse and I use to pack the posters ready for the post van every night some times I had to mount road safety posters on wood I can not remember how I did that now . I really liked working in the warehouse better than in the binders it was quieter and I only had myself to fall out with .Talk again soon.
  7. Hi Don great to hear from you again thanks for filling me in on what Loxleys produce now but it seems such a shame that everything Loxleys stood for as now gone do you know how it all came about did Loxleys just sell up or just change it's products. So if Loxleys are not printing the posters for ROSPA I guess the contract will be with someone else and what about binders are they a thing of the past as well. I wish I had known in 2004 that you could go back I would have loved that did many turn up?catch up with you again bye for now.
  8. Hi everyone my internet as been down so not been able to catch up with any conversations that have been going on . Anybody remembered anything else about Loxleys I would love to go back and see the old place wonder if it as changed in side any I suppose the machines have gone and been replaced with all these computerised machines that only need one person to run them and what do they make there now anybody know?
  9. Hi Smartmart Elainer here can you ask your wife for Irene Blackshaws address please still need to find her sister. Many thanks
  10. Hi Martin1print good to hear from you again I do remember Mr Thomas he had a niece that worked in the office she was quite nice but I never got on with Mr Thomas he once told me off for crossing his office to get to his niece who sorted the orders for ROSPA as I was working in the warehouse at the time I never did it again and he always gave me a dirty look he smoked a pipe do you remember. The secretary you are on about did think she was something you men I suppose did like looking at her but the girls use to pull her to bits behind her back as she always had alot of foundation cream on her face and you could see were it finished and the bright red lipstick. A bit late getting on to night only my youngest son is at Hallam Uni doing Graphic Design he's on his second year so he's been working on the computer most of the night he's into Typography , Logos (identity),Sculpture,Photograhy and Illustration he's the clever one of the family so he's going to send a few cv's out this year to get some work experience if he gets paid that is even better as he puts alot of time into his work.Bye for now.
  11. Hello Martin1print glad someone remembers me I didnt really stand out with everyone else but good to hear from you I remember George Frost and Stan Boddington I agree some of the guys in the comps were real gents and they made me feel safe but some were a bit over powering and tried it on being just 15 to 16 it was a bit frightening being thrown in with a load of men first thing in a morning trying to get their orders more so as I had to go right in the back were the readers where and casters is that what you called it . Christmas was even worse never had so many kisses ha ha being 60 now I just look back and laugh. So you are still in printing when I left Loxleys I went in to packing razor blades at Jewel razor company at Hillsborough then on to Needem enginering company at John st before getting married thats my working life brought 3 boys up instead. Get back to you soon.
  12. Hi Sharrovian do you mind if I call you Don for the life of me I can not remember the names of the people who worked under the bay I have sat here trying to think but it is no good I do remember saying hello to the men and the girls on passing but thats my limit sorry.Remembered another name Mrs Preston she worked in the canteen at the same time as Mrs Hill she was lovely seem to remember she had a limp and some days she did the tea money in the comps and she came round with the tea trolly when it was break time. When I was there we were doing the comics Look and Learn, cut out card board Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers the BSM receipts plus the Christmas stamps and those fishing with mr crabtree which we had to gather up and then stitch and finaly glue to put the covers on looking back I think I knew every fish going and how to catch it.Get back to you when I remember more.
  13. Hi Smartmart good to hear from you I do remember workers under the bay use to just say hello on passing down to binders friendly bunch you were can not remember names now. Yes I would love Irenes address please as I am trying to trace her sister Brenda we started school together in the infants went right through all schools till we left and started work together at Loxleys I lost her address at Maltby I really would love just to say Hi to her again I have missed her as a friend every time it gets to the 1st June I think of her as that is her birthday. No I did not get to their engagment party not sure why nor their wedding again not sure why she was my really best friend.Things are coming back slowly as different people say more about their time at Loxleys I guess as you get older you miss those days.Merry Christmas .
  14. Hi Sharrovian the Grace you first said is the one I think I am on about do you remember my sister Margaret Evans she worked in the litho with Grace not sure what year but it was before I started there in 65. From the binders I worked in the old warehouse then in the new one built on the end of Loxleys we worked up in the Gods packing posters I worked with an old chap can not remember his name how I hated hights. Then there was John Greshem who worked with Burt underneth us and do you remember the old dear who worked in the canteen when the big boss had people in she would put her black dress on and lace apron and cap to serve them tea God those were the days. I will get back to you when more comes in to my head by the way Merry Christmas.
  15. Hi Downsunder I do remember your brother Bill and Ted also remembered Tonys last name that married Brenda it was Marshall and they moved to Maltby had 5 kids . I know why you called Cath Smith banana legs she got her self pregnant seem to think. You and I use to go round to gether at lunch times with Robena the girl with the long hair remember we would go and talk to the lads in that firm on Heeley bottom I was going out with a lad called Gordon but we were more off than on we never did get married. Those Christmas stamps,Marie curie the overtime we put in and going home covered in gold dust. Good for you marrying that lad and still together hope you are enjoying life in Australia any kids I have 3 boys and 2 grandsons good to hear from you. Sharrovian Irene Blackshaw was the older sister to Brenda and she did live at page hall they also had a cousin called Grace that worked in the Litho was it can not remember the departments well now thats a sign I am getting old .
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