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  1. I'm off to Zakopane in April to do plenty of walking in the High Tatras. As anyone ever been? Just wondering, what's the best map of the area to get? Seen a few different ones online. Ideally I'd like 1/25000 scale. Are they available in Zakopane? Or as anyone got one surplus to requirements or that I can loan for a few weeks. I like to plan my walks in advance so really want one before I go. Also, as anyone got the Cicerone guide to the High Tatras that I could also loan? This book is selling at silly prices on eBay. I would be very grateful and will return it in the same condition I received it in. If anyone as done Zakopane, any advice for me. Walking Routes, Places to Eat and Visit. Thank You for reading.
  2. Did you hear them, what a joke???????
  3. Bit of a long shot, but as anyone got an old or spare copy of OS Explorer Maps OL1 and OL24 Dark / White Peak. For Daughter and her friend who have decided they want to come out and do a bit walking. Sure its just a passing fad, so looking for something to put them on. If they stick with it , I will buy them a new one. I regularly travel to Hillsborough area, so can pick up.. Thanks in advance.
  4. Bit of a long shot, I know...I have just acquired a Adult pet Rat. I found it in a small taped up box, in the middle of nowhere while out walking my dog..(actually there was two boxes, but one had escaped and they were no signs of the Rat. Obviously been abandoned by someone.. I dont know how long they had been there, but after a good feed and drink it is OK. Looks very healthy and extremely friendly Anyway, the kids have fell in love with it and even named it... So now i'm looking for a cage big enough for the fully grown Rat and some Accessories (Water Bottle, Bowl, Etc.) Its just to put me on until I can afford a new cage at end of month. He is currently residing in one of my large TubTrugs... Thanks for reading..
  5. Hi Chez 2. I think I can probably help you out give me a ring when you have a minute. Bit busy this afternoon, but if you ring, I will get back to you as soon as I can. Scott.
  6. Hi Jo The book in question was obviously wrote before Cresote was banned from sale to the general public and has now been replaced by a Non Coal Tar based product.. You can still buy Creosote if you work in a relevant trade but a word of warning, its no longer has cheap as it was.. I think the smallest bottle you can get now is 20 litre (thats a lot of weed killing at a 1:8 ratio). 25 Litres is around £30.... Is using Creosote in this way classed as organic ???
  7. Most weedkillers these days are just very strong fertilizer... They kill the weed by over exhaustion.
  8. Who remembers Fantasy Fm (pirate radio) Sheffield. in the early 90s Did anyone ever phone in for Shout Outs... Couple of links here for ya!!!!
  9. This link will help you out... http://www.suncompass.info/gardener-04.htm
  10. I may have nip through and buy some raffle tickets to support the charity and a chat though for first couple of hours. Will you be doing breakfast anywhere again???
  11. I drive by this pont quite often while on the way to the mother in laws. I have said for years that I am going to give it a bash... What is in there??? Whats the best bait and tactics?? What does it cost to fish???
  12. Get 'Go Fishing' back on with John Wilson.......
  13. MMmmmm... Never really had the time to get into Chickens... Or the Space... Really keen to have a go at Bee Keeping though... I have just started doing a lot propagating, mainly Perennials. Which I hope to sell. I was fed up of buying stuff for peoples gardens that i do last year at silly prices, so I thought I would grow a load this year, then put the profit in my own pocket. Bad news is, lots of pricking out to do...
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