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    makeing my dogs happy :-)
  1. Ive got five rabbits for sale £8 each All ages from 6 month to a year old, All loving tame and very friendly. Two are brothers so would like them to go together there 6 month old. A good home is more important then money but I have ginnie pigs to feed and clean out so money I get go into there keep:D Ive got pictures but don't know how to upload on here any Q please pm me Thanks.
  2. wait a year thats bloody bad! some people are out of work and cant afford vet bills so pdsa is so helpfull to people who cant afford massive bills like myself am out of work but i can pop £10/£20 in the box as a big Thank you.
  3. I,ve looked on pdsa site but cant seem to find it any one know please.
  4. Can anyone give kevin the gerbil a home. I have safed him from been killed and dont have the room in our house for him so i thoght i would ask on here seeing as everyone is animal lovers i only want a good home for him, Ive been out and got him a cage toys ect ect so he is comfy and dont need much just a loveing home.
  5. Thay do leads down in the super store but ive not seen a harness if i would have seen one i would have picked one up for my dog.
  6. Mmmm i never thoght of that thank you will have a look now thank you.
  7. Am after a garden wooden bird house just the nomel one with stand and roof if anyone as one thay no longer need or want please pm me
  8. Yes sounds very dodgy. Noway would i just start looking in someones garage i always knock on doors and ask for scrap.
  9. Its a soap its not Real. I was only saying
  10. Awww i think he is Cute lol. Dont ask me why just feel for him no wonder he as turned out like that haveing phil as a father. I hate the fact he killed heather i liked her she was my Fave person in eastenders.
  11. ....CAN YOU PLZ UPLOAD A PICTURE PLZ.... My friends dog as jumped over fench and gone on the walk about.
  12. Oooooo thats all good then hope you find them hunni:)
  13. Will the dog warden find new homes for the puppys if you find the puppys, or do thay put them to sleep i dont know about theses things i here so much about it all dont no what to belive...x
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