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  1. All good thanks - Farad? As you know we're running the KAPAP sheffield club - kickboxing classes busting out the door. Been really good numbers, great vibe in the gym
  2. So it's now 2012 - 6 years after the original post and it's still hapenning. Parking my car in Kendal Road (just off Findon) over the last 18 months my car has been keyed up both sides, aerial ripped off and car broken in to - with door damage, but nothing to take. Oh - plus 2 bikes stolen and the ladders off my husband's van stolen. It's a nice street - pitty about the ******** that pass through it.
  3. I'm seriously considering starting one in S6 - Hillsborough, within the next few weeks. My background is Muay Thai / Kickboxing and Goju Ryu. I've got a women's Goju class on Monday nights but it's not easy so numbers aren't great. Was thinking of opening it to a mixed kickboxing instead. Can keep in touch if that's not too far away for you.
  4. Sorry - I didn't realise. If you type into google "SheffieldGojuRyu" you should find a website with a 'Female only classes' button just under the banner. Cheers.
  5. Not at all - but I understand where your opinion is coming from. This isn't a half-assed class. I train with men 10 hours a week in a full contact environment where there is no gender. I've been asked to pass on knowledge to women who don't want to train amoungst men. If you are a male you are more than welcome to pop down on a Tuesday or Thursday night when it's a mixed class to have a look. If you are a women, drop down on the Monday. Thanks.
  6. Female only class with female instructor, follows exactly the same curriculum and standards of our mixed class but offers ladies the opportunity to learn and develop in a less daunting environment. Goju Ryu is not competition based, it is a practical defence art. By training in Goju Ryu you can gain many positive attributes such as the ability to defend yourself, strength and fitness/health. Female students are more than welcome to train in the mixed classes on other nights. Check out the website to learn more http://www.sheffieldgojuryu.co.uk/ladies
  7. I conduct a Ladies Only Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu class on Monday nights in Hillsborough (http://www.sheffieldgojuryu.co.uk/ladies.html). Female instructor. £5/class pay as you go. Training for practical self defence - not to look pretty.
  8. we use them, it was ok.. whats the big deal.. book the room, done...
  9. Kick start your weight loss and fitness. Friendly environment. All aspects of fighting exercises to create the ultimate workout for anyone. Friday nights - 6pm to 7pm at Burton Street Project. Website http://www.sheffieldgojuryu.co.uk/fighting-fit.html Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Fighting-Fit/186845121335375
  10. I'm starting a womens only traditional karate class very soon in the S6 area. Fitness, health, self defence techniques that work - and fun! (Female instructor - 16 years experience in martial arts). PM me if you are interested and want more info We have mixed classes as well catered for all abilities - sheffieldgojuryu.co.uk
  11. I'm looking for a hall to hire on Monday nights approx 6-7pm, for a small group. Prefferably in the S6 area, timber or matted floors. Anyone know anywhere?
  12. Hillsborough : sheffieldgojuryu.co.uk - kids are £4 and it's pay as you go Simon has been training in karate about 20 years, is a Personal Trainer and also Sport Therapist so kids are in good hands.
  13. Are there any Aussies in Sheffield out there on the Forum? Or, does anyone know of any Aussie social get togethers in Sheffield? I'm from the Sunny Coast QLD and haven't seen another Aussie around here for about 18 months! Would be great to catch up to people from home Jo
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