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  1. paul has just started to sell natural sea water it is collected 2 miles off the devon shore and is supplied by the same ppl who supply the water for all the sealife centres around Briton 25l for £7.50
  2. its just a saltwater shop but paul the owner is happy to help you with anything so might be an idea to see if he could get you some I'm off again midweek to get some more frags and to see when he is getting more in lol and a coffee lol:hihi:
  3. been back in after 3 months and I must say for a new shop everything has settled down nicely. loving the new coral tray and the small but growing sps frags. cant wait for him to get more sps in. after talking to him his plans to expand the sps/lps/softies range look very promising. I do know that the Sheffield marine shop selection has been very poor and short lived but there is at last a nice well run lfs in sheffield and I know this will be a successful one.
  4. been in yesterday and I must say that's nice!! he has a very nice and clean shop!
  5. has anybody been in the new marine shop in Sheffield???
  6. does anybody know anybody who polishes car head light lens mine have gone all yellow and I need them doing
  7. is there anybody out there who could tune me a rc nitro car
  8. staffy "attack dogs" you been watching to much tv lol
  9. does anybody on here fix lcd tvs it might just be a loose wire but id doesn't turn on only if you tip it forward
  10. im wanting a full inside /carpet valet on my zafira could anybody recommend anybody around s8 area
  11. when the missis does the shopping I sit in the car(cant do tescos) when she comes out I lay down in the front lock the doors and when she trys opening them I flash the lights and sound the horn like it the alarm lol makes me laugh every time :hihi:
  12. the only one you cant tint is the front windscreen all the rest you can
  13. no lesson I know you have to have 75% light coming thru on the fronts so still I want all windows doing
  14. maybe but it doesn't tell me haw much for a zafira
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