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  1. Give me a call if you still need it doing
  2. Give me a shout and ill check it out for you, im a mobile mechanic and come to you
  3. The shop you are on about is still there they were called cartridge world but it's changed name now
  4. Hi if you still haven't got it sorted I could have a look for you and narrow the three thing down and give you a full diagnose, I am a mobile mechanic so I come to you so no hassle of going to garages Check my Facebook page for reviews
  5. What do u need doing? I'm a mobile mechanic give me a call
  6. The family who had an accident were family friends of ours such a sad time for all the family and friends, the driver of the car is still critical and kids are fine just shook up, I really hope the driver is ok would be so sad if both parents passed away
  7. I'm going to book in advance in to the tip and may go with Arnold clark
  8. As the title states need to hire a van for Sunday only for one day ideally a combo or transit to move some rubbish to tip, rang a few places but getting ridiculous quotes like £85 a day I swear they were cheaper than that
  9. Hi if you haven't sorted it give me a call I can reset the light for you using the latest diagnostic software and ill check you all the connectors too £25 I come to you!
  10. Anyone needing a mobile mechanic is more than welcome to ring me, we come to you so no headache
  11. I had a job on already which I told you about and got stuck on that how is that my fault also it started to rain, I did tell you I could do it for u but will have to be another day as I have more cars booked in during the week
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