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  1. Hi, Looking for recommendations. Our hedges desperately need cutting but my husband can no longer do them, can anyone recommend someone reliable?. One hedge is privet and about 15ft long and 7ft high, the other is an ivy hedge and about 20ft long and 9ft at it’s highest point. We got ripped off a few years ago when we had someone come and take a tree down for us which is why we are asking here. Any help on this would be very much appreciated. Many thanks.
  2. https://m.facebook.com/pieceofcake2014 Hi, Tracey is fab, she is very creative and can adapt anything.
  3. Hi, I had some lemon scented Geraniums until last year when I lost them due to garden renovation:(, does anyone know where I can get replacements?. Many thanks
  4. https://www.facebook.com/pg/pieceofcake2014/photos/?ref=page_internal This is my sister in law, she can make whatever you want. Just noticed it's a bit late but if there's anyone else wanting a cake for whatever, the pics speak for themselves.
  5. We've been taking our 2 to Diana, sometimes twice a year since 2011. Our daughter also uses her for her 2. As far as we are concerned, you won't find better. She also puts pics on Facebook so you can see how they are doing while you are away.
  6. Try my brother's partner, she does fab cakes and they taste gorgeous too. https://www.facebook.com/pieceofcake2014
  7. It doesn't just affect 1950's women, I was born in 1963 and am in the same position, but I have to wait until I am 67, what about me?. The problem is, we never thought as far as retirement when we were in our 30's or 40's, we just thought we would retire at 60 like women before us and that was that. Until fairly recently, there was no such thing as private pensions for women like me. I don't buy that the government sent out letters years ago, informing us of the impending change, I certainly never received one. I have always worked since leaving school and will have worked for 50 years by the time I can retire, how is that fair?. When we get to 66 or 67, most of us will have some ailment or other associated with age meaning we can't work anyway. Let the people that want to carry on working do so but let us that don't, retire and enjoy what's left of our lives while we still can and give the jobs to the young ones who have never worked and let them earn their pensions like we had to do. Sorry for the rant but this just isn't right, making pensioners work until they drop.
  8. I don't post very much, more of a lurker but had to say I think that was a lovely thing to do, not sure many people would have done the same. I already have 2 rescues myself (although, had them 4 years now:love:)) otherwise I would have taken him but I'm sure you will get a loving family for him on here and I hope that "Pet Shop" gets what's coming to them, although I suspect not:rant: BTW, I'm not sure using the rehoming template really matters in this instance, I think the OP just wanted to get the full facts across:|
  9. We use Hillsborough Cattery. Diana is great and doesn't mind if you just drop in to have a look round during opening hours, this is what we did before we chose this one. She also posts pics of your cats on Facebook so that you can see them whilst you're away which is great. http://www.hillsboroughcattery.co.uk/Hillsborough_cattery/Hillsborough_Cattery.html Here is the link HTH
  10. I use this one, http://www.hillsboroughcattery.co.uk/Hillsborough_cattery/Hillsborough_Cattery.html Diana is great and even puts photos on Facebook so you can check on them while you are away:D The last time I left my 2, they didn't want to come home:hihi:
  11. We also have 2 (brothers) housecats and we'd never be without them:love: There are always a lot of cats needing forever homes so if you can give 2 furbaby's a home all the better but I would urge you to consider older cats as they are harder to rehome:sad: Whatever you decide, you won't regret it:)
  12. Why not release a balloon on Christmas morning to remember her? All the best xx
  13. http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowForum-g186338-i17-London_England.html Here you are, may have better luck posting here:)
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