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  1. As I have said previously, its not so much about dogs its about parents keeping their children safe. Perhaps they ought to be licensed!
  2. Lets hope two tragic deaths in such a short time has a positive effect on parents who own, or who are thinking of owning, powerful large dogs ,and the care they take in keeping children safe.
  3. Ok more free edification > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbLDI5lNdRQ‎
  4. Perhaps your boyfriend should do risk assessments:hihi:
  5. In this case it will be what a reasonably careful parent would have done, but the judge will decide what a reasonable careful parent would have done.
  6. Lady bower and Howden reservoirs , especially impressive when the reservoir is overflowing. Rivelin valley through the parks to the old rivelin post office.
  7. Yes and ok then that's your decision as a parent who was willing to take the consequences of that decision.
  8. On your first point I assume you observed this behaviour or how would you know it happened thus your child was not alone with the dog thus both the child and the dog may have reacted differently if your imposing presence was not around. A spud gun uk version is pretty harmless but as it fires a projectile at close quarters it could damage the eye. The American version is a little larger thus the risk factor increases a bit like small and large dogs.
  9. Sorry to take so long to reply the dog wanted a walk. Concentrating on the dog and its breed and its training is totally irrelevant to the risk of a child becoming harmed by it. It may actually be the child's interactions with the dog that sparks the fury. Like the spud gun you think is over egged at moderate risk though it could blind a child if the child shot himself in the eye with it. So with a well trained never hurt a fly dog being battered with a toy train set, bit in the genitals or having a bottle stuffed up its jacks , it may well react differently. In law there is something called a reasonable parent test. The only question in this case is would a reasonable parent allow their three year old child to be left alone with a large strong toothed carnivorous animal. (Anyone quoting Mr and Mrs Darling is in the land of the fairies!)
  10. This whole debate started with a child been ripped up by a dog and you really think the issue is about bringing up a dog responsibly?
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