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  1. It seems they are upsetting the Arab world. http://www.pewglobal.org/2014/07/01/concerns-about-islamic-extremism-on-the-rise-in-middle-east/ I'm good with a UN action to blast the crap out of the whole lot of them and then leave the region to fight it out amongst themselves.
  2. Well go on get me on side. I agree with a bit of what you say. Tell me how Israel can prevent its terrorists from coming through tunnels and blowing up buses, and stop the terrorists firing rockets at Israel from Gaza any other wayand you'll have me on board. Bare in mind that the people of Gaza elected Hamas as their government. It isn't just some bunch of terrorists who infiltated the place.
  3. And my opinion is that Israel is being attacked by an Islamic terrorist group as are many countries in the region. The difference being that Israel is able to fight back, but being Israel is coming under attack because of that. I don't see anyone slating Egypt or Iraq for their wars against Islamic extremism. Just ask yourself if the world would be better off if Hamas succeeded in wiping Israel from the map and proceeded with its plans to make the middle east an Islam only zone.
  4. Actually these threads are quite funny. Nothing gets Israel more funding from its supporters in the USA than a bunch of hypocrites campaigning against them. Its pretty much like the funds that poured into Noraid whenever anyone suggested trying to turn off that funding to the IRA.
  5. I'm pretty happy for the rest of the world to give ISIS a good working over. They need to be weakened so that they don't get the upper hand. The other Islamic fundamentalist groups can then get on with killing ISIS and ISIS killing them. We need to provide aid and protection for the non Islamic groups who seem to be the innocent victims of Islams war upon itself. Russia seems to be helping Assad to achieve that equilibrium in Syria.
  6. What an interesting idea. Thousands of untargeted high explosive rockets raining down on the civilian population of Gaza is acceptable to you but attempting to take out the terrorists firing rockets at your civilian population isn't.
  7. I'm with you on that. If ISIS or IS are flogging computer chips I'll make a point of not buying them. It's a good plan.
  8. As Hamas is a designated terrorist organisation and I have no intention of supporting them. So thanks for providing the list. If I need any of the products that they make I'll be sure to buy from them.
  9. At a guess they would fire rockets at Israel and Turkey as a first move
  10. Where do you think they got their current weapons and money? They got them by over running Iraq's and Syria's military bases and banks. I believe both Syria and Iraq have rather large stocks of weapons of all sorts including nerve gases, aircraft, balistic misiles etc. They also have oil to sell. Isis don't seem to have any quarms about killing the civilian population and stealing everything they possess so having cash isn't a problem. Stopping them spending it certainly is. Remember Sadam Hussein and the super gun. I don't think you need a Navy to overrun another country. Turkey has a land border, so does Jordan. Greece has a land border with Turkey. etc etc. It is best to swat a fly before it lays eggs and becomes a swarm.
  11. Then perhaps Hamas should stop firing rockets at civilians in Israel because they know what response any reasonable country would make to such attacks. Perhaps you should check yourself out for the naive viewpoint.
  12. How do you work that out. 12 months ago they didn't have tanks. Now they have dozens of them.
  13. And even now you can't see it. What a narrow minded biggot you are.
  14. duplicate thread http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1331408
  15. No you don't. Offer some evidence for that or just shut up and stop making yourself look like a fool. Isn't it odd that you are once again the fool but can't see it for yourself.
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