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  1. Has anyone got any feedback on this diet?
  2. My daughter goes to Cowley Lane and is doing really well, the staff are great. Very supportive and encouraging
  3. Hi I took my two daughters this year, age 11 and 15. We did have a great time but is was no way worth all the money that it cost. It is also the most exhausting holiday we have ever had, we walked over 70 miles in the two weeks we were there. Everything needs to be planned with military precision to avoid huge queues at rides in the parks. My youngest daughter said she wished it was like the advertisements, ie not packed with massive queues, sums it up really. Its ticked off our bucket list, I wouldn't do it again or recommend it. I don't want to sound like a party pooper, but we had a much better time on a beach holiday. But I know lots of people who love it and go every year.
  4. Emma Egan who Killed my husband Eric almost 2 years ago was sentenced to 4 years. She has spent only 6 months in Doncaster and is now in open prison with permission for overnight outings she has just served a year. What justice? My two daughters are still distraught and we find every day a tough one My sincere condolences to the cyclists family and friends truely awful
  5. I went to Hutcliffe Wood Cemetary today. At the gates I was met with a mattress and a giant pile of full black bags. Where is the respect??
  6. Hope many of you will be joining us at the RideforEric next Sunday. There is a 5k family fancy dress ride, a 15k and 50k. Prizes kindly donated by Richard Putland of Williams Electrics for best fancy dress, most sponsorship raised in each category and most sponsorship overall. Please check out the website for more details and to sign up http://www.rideforeric.com Thanks
  7. I am wondering why this feed is not making it to the front pages?
  8. It's two weeks on Sunday have you signed up yet? Don't forget the family 5k ride, special prize for best fancy dress Please come and join us. This year we have an all day BBQ, live music and stuff we are still working on I really hope to see lots of you there Thanks for your support, Karen x ---------- Post added 25-06-2015 at 22:59 ---------- We currently have over 150 signed up, come and join us x
  9. Well the big day is only 6 weeks away and the sign ups are slowly building up. We are currently just short of 100 riders which is more than this time last year. Just to remind you there are 3 rides; 50k, 15k and a family fun 5k. The family ride is guided and there are prizes for best fancy dressed rider and bike If you would like to take part you can register via the website http://www.rideforeric.com The funds raised this year will be split 50/50 between Cavendish Cancer Care, to continue the traumatic bereavement service we established last year and the remainder will be available to enable people to access safe cycling. Last year we raised over £12k we are hoping to exceed that this year. Hope you can join us on the day, either riding or volunteering Thanks Karen
  10. I had am MRI in December and panicked, the Dr gave me some glasses with mirrors attached which enabled me to see out of the back of the machine, I was fine then made the difference ask for the glasses
  11. Hello Last year in the 21st September the first RideforEric took place. The idea was to remember my husband Eric who was killed by a drunk driver on 3 November 2013. I thought we would have a few family and friends take part and raise a bit of cash for Cavendish Cancer Care. Well what can I say, the event was amazing we had over 400 riders from all over the country and raised just over £12k !! This money has gone to set up a bereavement service run by Cavendish Cancer Care for anyone to access. We were asked to do it all again so we are Sunday 12th July, all the details can be found on the website http://Www.rideforeric.com I hope some of you will come along to ride, or volunteer on the day Many thanks
  12. They were driving Dents parents car. Both gave no comment interviews. Unless you can prove who was driving you can't charge. Egan isn't an independent witness It's so frustrating but believe me we have tried, we need them to tell the truth as if that will happen
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