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  1. I am totally consistent. There are plenty of threads relating to religion in general and Christianity... you'll find my posts equally scathing. I blame Muslims for propagating and perpetuating a religion (which we agree is man-made drivel) that has an extremism problem. Is it untrue they have committed the offence that I accuse them of? So we make progress... you admit that Islam causes angry, extreme people. Why then defend it instead of criticise it? Once again, the only thing I blame Muslims for is perpetuating an intolerant religion that causes an extremism problem. Give it up or change it is my challenge. Hitchens saw Islam as the greatest threat of our time, along with the misplaced political correctness that prevents liberals and leftist from calling Islam out. How far the termites have spread. dealing with someone like you.
  2. The problem with the poll is that it suggests 93+% turnout with 73% of those who didn't vote last time doing so in a rerun. This is obviously never going to happen and perhaps explains why the polls were so wrong in the run up to the referendum i.e. people saying they will vote to stay when they aren't actually that bothered and don't turn out. I'd also point out that the Lib Dems tried to make the Richmond by-election a vote about Brexit and turnout was 53.6%. This is significantly lower than turnout at the general election and referendum and doesn't support the notion that people are so worried about leaving the EU that we'd see a record breaking turnout to reverse the decision if the referendum was rerun. I think remainers, like the Independent, only want to see what they want to see. This sentence from the article sums this up... "Following the referendum result, reports emerged of people who claimed to regret casting their ballot for Brexit, who came to be known as 'Bregret' voters." Do they not think there are also people who voted to stay that regret their decision? They have lost their objectivity and seem to be desperately clutching at straws as they refuse to move on. It is most enjoyable.
  3. Especially when UKIP didn't field a candidate. Nor did the Tories.
  4. It is her logic that it was a vote on Brexit. I simply point out that if that's the case then remain support has drifted significantly. Yes, the Labour vote really did haemorrhage. Nothing to do with the out of touch views and policies of the left... it's normalisation of deviance you know!!
  5. Further evidence that the fear factor is fading can be seen in the Richmond Park by-election. The Lib Dem winner, Ms Olney, campaigned on an anti-Brexit ticket in a constituency where she said 70% voted against Brexit at the referendum. If, as she claims, it was a vote about Brexit then we should note she only got 49.7% of the vote. The remain vote has haemorrhaged and if that swing was replicated across the country then we'd probably see 2/3rds of the population now backing Brexit. Strange that Ms Olney sees this as a mandate for voting against Brexit!!
  6. Any criticism of 'moderate' Muslims is deemed unfair by people like you. I disagree but either way it is a completely moot point. The simple reality is that Muslims will collectively suffer if tolerance turns into rejection. The fairness of it is academic. You are doing what you and the left always want to do i.e. ignore the big issues that concern the majority and using whataboutism tactics to try and change the subject. I don't agree that the national flag and a holy book are not equivalent and think you are just making excuses to justify the anger and intolerance of Muslims. I agree 'moderate' can't be extreme. I use the phrase with irony because it is people like you that always like to refer to the 'moderate' Muslim majority. 'Moderates' who worship a god that will burn in hell for all eternity anyone who practises homosexuality or refuses to worship him... very 'moderate'. Islam is not moderate and is riddled with the intolerant failings of man because it is man-made fiction. To borrow your phrase, it is 'utter illogical nonsense' and is dangerous nonsense to boot. All those who practice and perpetuate it therefore share blame for the nasty intolerance it leads to. Muslims choose to perpetuate Islam and it is completely legitimate to judge people for the choices they make and the impact it has on others. It is a shame you are suffering from politically correct hypocrisy and can't find the courage to condemn it as easily as you condemn my criticism of it. Shall we conduct an experiment to test your theory that the teachings of Islam do not cause followers to be any more intolerant than any other religious group? I'll don some Muslim attire and go and burn a Union Jake AND a bible somewhere in Sheffield of your choosing. I'll then pick somewhere in Sheffield for you to go and burn a Koran. Up for it? Confident we will see comparable levels of tolerance? I have done, and continue to do, my bit to fight Islamic extremism. I refuse to practice, propagate and perpetuate it's intolerant teachings and I speak out against it. What right wing group would that be? What's the name of this group, where do we meet and what are the intolerant views we propagate? I speak out against an intolerant religion that creates extremist monsters that wreck lives (especially the lives of Muslims) and that makes me a right wing extremist? Do you see what you have done? You have done exactly what I said the left do (and you deny on your 'normalisation of deviance' thread) in response to legitimate criticism of Islam and Muslims. You have no counter argument so you seek refuge behind labels. You call me right wing, racist, xenophobic, bigoted or Islamophobic and use the accusation as a substitute for a counter argument or acknowledging uncomfortable truths. It is plain for all to see and it is why the left is haemorrhaging support... you no longer have views and policies that represent the majority.
  7. I am not assuming you are addressing your concerns only to right-wingers!! I am saying you are only addressing your concerns. You are concerned about racism (as per the left-wing obsession) but this is not a concern for the vast majority of people. Take some time out to review polls on what issues are of most concern and you will see racism doesn't make the list. That isn't a denial of racism but a denial that it is a priority! But you keep ignoring the issues that are important to the majority, keep boring them senseless with your racism obsession and watch as people continue to flee the left and seek representation on the right. Self-destruct if you must.
  8. Is that how the Taliban came about? All the nasty non-Muslims in Afghanistan criticising Muslims and making them embrace extremism? And whilst we're at it, how do you explain other religions not having an extremism problem? Why don't the followers of other religions want join murderous terror groups when their religion is criticised? Nothing but excuses and veiled threats... neither are acceptable. If a Muslim burns the national flag in the West he might get abuse. If a non-Muslim burns the Koran anywhere where there are Muslims then he'd be attacked and possibly killed. That's the difference. That's the intolerance and anger issue with Islam that leads to extremism i.e. the 'moderate' position is already extreme. That's the issue that Muslims need to resolve if they want tolerance in the West to turn to acceptance. At the moment we are heading in the opposite direct towards rejection (think Brexit, Trump and the rise of the far right across Europe). Sulking, tantrums, threats and even violence are counter productive... sort it out!
  9. You still completely miss the point. People are not only not wanting to engage with the left because it has previously made false accusations of racism. They don't want to engage with the left because the left only wants to discuss it's concerns (racism, racism, racism) and STILL ignores the concerns of the majority. The left just cannot accept that most people are not concerned about the same things as them. At first the left concluded it was because we were all racists but now some of you graciously accept this wasn't always the case. The left has now decided we're not in fact all racists... we're actually all deviants. Yes, we are simply feeble minded souls that have been brainwashed by racists who repeat their untruths until we think such views are normal. If the plebs would just allow the enlighten ones the opportunity to explain the cause of our mental aberration then we would be quickly cured and can get back to talking about what matters... racism. A detailed challenge is pointless because the left has already lost the argument - as evidenced by Brexit, Trump and the general surge towards the right across the west. You have no arguments that have not been made a thousand times over and rejected. Repeating them yet again will not suddenly result in a different outcome. Repeating the same old arguments over and over only reinforces the opinion that those on the left don't listen. You are the worst offender for crying 'racist' on SF and you're strawman argument is not worth taking even a minute to reply to. If you want to see the what the propagation of Islam does to a country then look to the Muslim world. The reason we experience less extremism in the west is simply because we have less Muslims. SF will just about tolerate me posting that I think Islam is a threat but say any more than that and the posts disappear. But such censorship by those on the left (however they choose to justify it) is completely counter productive because stopping people expressing their concerns does not make them go away. All the left do when it refuses to accept there are problems with Islam and immigration to address, is to make the acceptance of Islam and immigration an all or nothing decision. People can either agree with the left that it is all good or they can bugger off to the far-right/nationalists who tell us it is all bad. Brexit, Trump and the rise of the far-right across Europe, should by now be telling you that this tactic is backfiring and it is time to change tactics and compromise. But no, the self destruction continues.
  10. Didn't you know that all that is wrong in the world can be traced back to Brexit? If Tim Fallon is never to become PM then it must be Brexit's fault. Brexit is a right <removed>.
  11. Making it illegal to burn the flag would be breach freedom of speech principles and I would oppose that. But the principle of freedom of speech doesn't extend to a right not to be judge for your expressions. Therefore, if a non-US citizen expresses anti-American views then it is potentially reasonable for US authorities to decide they have breached a term of their visa, revoke it and deport them. Same situation for nationalised citizens if US authorities deem them to have lied when they pledge allegiance to the US... withdraw the citizenship and deport them. American doesn't need to mess with it's constitutional principles, it just needs to tighten up immigration policy and control. It is the sort of thing that would be welcomed by the majority here in the UK. ---------- Post added 01-12-2016 at 09:46 ---------- Of course we all know what religion he is talking about... it's the one with an extremism problem that is the biggest threat to world peace today. Unfortunately, having the balls to be specific on SF will only get your post reported (ironically by the same people so keen to point out what an ogre Trump is for wanting to deny freedom of expression), deleted and you risk a ban. The hypocrisy of the leftist/liberal elites is both breathtaking and (thankfully) transparent... it is a key driver behind the surge towards to the political right that is going on across the western world.
  12. Indeed. I would argue that acts of burning and banning are both signs that freedom of expression is not being tolerated. The most intolerant (and therefore dangerous) being those that would ban others from causing them such offence whilst practising such behaviour themselves.
  13. It is usually leftists that seek to find examples of Muslim oppression whilst ignoring that the biggest oppressor of Muslims is Islam... I duly note your Tory allegiance though. You will perhaps note in return that I did not advocate a race to the bottom and stated that burning the flag should be legal as part of free speech.
  14. It may be too big a gap for the Front National to close this time but what about next time? It strikes me that Fallon probably represents the last chance for a mainstream political party to address the concerns that are driving support for FN. Can he really get immigrants to integrate and can he stop the Islamic terrorism (a noticeable difference within 5 years)? Can he really halt growing intolerance as migrants flow across the borders adding social and economic pressures whilst also implementing austerity measures? I am very sceptical and think France (and other nations across the West) is simply kicking a problem down the road an will eventually have to pay the piper for all the broken promises... and the price is going to be very high.
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