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  1. Not proof, just a possible explanation.


    It could be that the cars moved slowly with the ice and an unseen animal triggered the camera, but I thought the cars moved uphill? If so whilst still possible depending on the way the ice thawed, it seems unlikely.


    Keep it up cat. Could it be that ice (in a certain temperature) melts uphill on certain gradients?

  2. IMO, the footage has already been explained by Ash and co. The strangest element about the video is not the cars moving, but how they move. It's not a natural movement in any sense and is clearly a result of the video being spliced, not by anyones hand, but by the motion sensor turning on and the video starting.


    The confusion has arisen because we seem to see the cars moving and then the alarm going off, but I don't believe that's the case. As Ash has said, the cars have probably slipped forward on the ice over the 35 minute period (that time of the night is often when the temperature dips) and the alarms have been activated by an animal, probably the fox mentioned.


    The point being, the movement of the cars isn't what is causing the alarm sounding , but because we were told that this is what is happening, that's what we assume has occurred when we first watch.


    If a force was present that somehow 'pushed' the cars, whether it be a tremor, mine shaft or Bealzebub, we would have witnessed more residual movement of the cars, especially when you bear in my mind the ice surface.


    It's clearly a trick of video. If the missing 35 minutes were on film, all the naked eye would have witnessed is the alarm sounding.


    Get a grip fella. Have you not heard the undeniable proof that Wildcat is unearthing by the minute?

  3. I can only investigate so far, but there appears to have been fairly central unregulated mining and pits for 80 years between 1780 and 1860 to feed the Chapel furnace.






    A bit north of there is some mention of medieval mine workings here:






    That's really good. You're getting warmer.

  4. I think that depends, of the 9 official white Christmas sites, snow fell on Christmas Day at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Birmingham. Snow did not fall at London, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Manchester, Cardiff and Belfast.


    Although I know the bookies also offer odds on other locations.


    Plus, what has this got to do with idiots on the road?


    The message is simple.


    The bad weather is on it's way back!


    If you can't handle driving in snow and ice in a responsible manner, stay in!

    Do yourself and other road users a favour and more people will be around to enjoy a New Year!


    End of.

  5. Very interesting footage. I have looked here and there are no seismic events that I can see that would explain this.




    I am wondering if the car park might be built near some old mine workings, and the slight shifting has something to do with that?


    Could be Wildcat! I think you should carry on with this line of investigation. Sounds like a winner.

  6. There have been many reports of strange happening in and around Sheffield over the Christmas period. Cars mysteriously moving, Strange orange lights in the sky.


    Many theories have been offered such as kids playing pranks, Chinese lanterns etc.


    I believe that these events were linked, and I think I have conclusive evidence!


    I myself saw these orange lights in the sky over Woodhouse on Christmas Eve. I managed to get a photo.


    The resulting image isn't very clear but if you look close enough, you can just about see what is behind this mystery.


    Warning! If you are of a nervous disposition, please do not view this image.


  7. I was raised in Sheffield and new very little of anywhere else until my early twenties, when I moved to Kent. I didn't presume that anyone would know anything about where I came from, but was amazed when almost everyone that I met down there had a personal story about Sheffield (and there were many over that five year period). Many people could even rattle of street names! I have had the same experience down in Cornwall.


    Sheff's not a bad old place you know.

  8. I agree, it was far too repetitive and they hammered a joke to death, they should stop first 2 series excellent.


    TBH all the Xmas day specials were crap. this, gavin and stacey and Catherine Tate, the BBC on Christmas day was crap worse one ever! Boxing Day all I watched was repeats of Time Team on More 4 why we pay a licence fee I don't know cos so far the BBC has offered dross! Did anyone understand Doctor Who? And The Queen Vic has seen more murders than a dartboard's seen pricks!


    Oh come on Blade73, it wasn't all bad. You must have missed the queens speach. :hihi:

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