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  1. Some of us can remember Ron Starling.... Bloomin' heck - am I really THAT old?.:o


    There's a little one-horse town called Sheffield in Texas; I remember seeing it from the window of a Greyhound bus en route from El Paso to San Antonio...


    I know what you're saying Banker, that crafty age thing seems to just creep up on us!


    Just to be clear, I am talking about the City of Sheffield. UK.

  2. There has been many examples of bad driving, why do people drive so slowly on ice??????


    Its crazy I have to overtake, only the other day as I was overtaking, I gave the bloke in the Mondeo the rods as I went past, and cut him up. This plantpot could not even perform an emergency stop, and slip his car and crashed into a parked car :hihi::hihi:


    You gave to laugh, if anyone had a camcorder, it would have been worth £250


    The bad weather is on it's way back.


    Stay in RobbyBrown. Put your big fluffy slippers on to keep your brains warm.


    It will be Spring before you know it! :thumbsup:

  3. I believe the film The Full Monty put Sheffield on the map.


    I lived down south pre-Full Monty, and they all seemed to know something about Sheffield.


    To be fair, The Full Monty only really appealed to a subset of people across the globe.


    i.e. Bored housewives and single women. They didn't really care about the location. Men with bare butts was there main thing. Location! what location?


    When I lived down south, there was many a southern belle who commented on how good my bum looked in the soft glow of the Moon.


    Nothing to do with where I came from.


    Full Monty does not apply.

  4. And Sheffield even has an airport. Flying home from Tenerife to "Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield" airport, we looked for our flight on the destination board at the airport and it simply said SHEFFIELD..:thumbsup:


    Oops! Does that mean that Doncaster is part of Sheffield in the eyes of the world?


    Or is it that Doncaster only exists in the minds of people who live in Doncaster. :hihi:

  5. I think its because everyone was scared about the recesion and people have been holding back on spending money just incase companys they work for made them redundant ect .But now time has gone on i think alot more people feel safer in there jobs , so they are spending on home improvment ect .


    Mmmm! It's a nice thought, hope you are right.


    I think there might be a lot of disappointed trades come mid January.

  6. hello,


    My area of work ventures far from construction work but i found myself with nothing to do through september-october and november then out of nowhere was swormed with work in december and im already having to pass work on for january.


    This is really wierd considering that its the most expensive time of the year and with the economy how it is.


    either we are indeed comming out of recession or people are trying to get things done before things get any worse, either way i think its a good thing for local businesses.


    Hello B D Designs.


    "Either way" it is only a good thing for local businneses if it carries on long term.


    Tip: Don't go spending yor retirement fund on the strength of this false boom.

  7. That might be because of family connections, rather than something they have learned at School, IMhO;)


    You are probably right tab.


    I don't think for one moment that these countries teach the history of Sheffield in their schools.


    I would be interested to know what image of Sheffield these folk from so far away have?.


    I bet They have nothing to do with the Full Monty or World Snooker.?

  8. I wanted to work today but got dragged into town for the sales :-(

    Will be flogging my nuts off tomorrow, weds & thursday to get stuff completed.

    New bathroom starting mon 4th so have to get current work finished (VERY tall order!!!).


    It's good that you are busy too dan.


    It just isn't the norm for this time of year and I can't figure out why there is so much work about.


    Is it anything to do with the VAT increase in Jan, or are we out of recession? :huh:

  9. ]


    I wish i was in pub lol , i was back to work today till thursday for me then back to normal on the 4th first time in years ive worked through christmas but you have to take it whilst there i suppose . One good thing about workin today ?????? Bugger all on the road first thing . !!! :hihi:


    Too right mate. :thumbsup:


    Why do you think there is so much work at the moment?


    I can remember ten-fifteen years back when all the trades took three weeks of at Christmas and there was no recession!!?

  10. I own and run a building company in Sheffield and I have plenty of work to go back to after the Christmas break. This is not usually the case at this time of year, could it be due to people wanting to get work done before the VAT increase in January? Have any other businesses in Sheffield experienced an unusual increase in trade over this period?


    Is this an indication that we are out of recession, or just that people are spending their money wisely before prices go up in January?

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