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  1. I'm sorry but I am going to take it steady... In a rear wheel drive car I'd rather be safe than sorry! Feel free to over take, but I won't take chances to please other people. My car is worth too much to me! :rolleyes:


    ps. Ice can form from 3 degrees and under. That's why the car warns you when it hits 3...


    Quite right phil, but your safety and that of others is more important than your valuable lump of steel and plastic don't you think?

  2. Thanks for the replies and good wishes.


    Who am I to offer advice, what are my qualifications etc etc?

    I am simply someone who has been through some difficult situations in life, and found myself stumbling across a few truths along the way. Writing was initially an exercise in DIY therapy, however it soon changed in that I wanted to reach out to other people who might be in the same (or worse) situations.


    Will it suit everyone? I'm sure it won't.


    Will people want to shoot me down for daring to suggest I might have something worth sharing? Inevitably, although the truths I mention aren't some new fad in 'self-help' and have been around in different ways over centuries.


    The purpose is just this - to help other people to help themselves.





    Joking appart, i'm sure it's a great book Paul.


    Good luck with it and I wish you a prosperous New Year.



  3. I am with you all the way in promoting Sheffield and it's positive attributes, but we must then be able to back up our claims about the city, don't you agree?

    Sheffield has a great deal to offer, as mentioned earlier with a higher percentage than many places of graduate opting to stay on in the city after qualifying, the friendly nature of the local populace and the close proximity to wonderful countryside, the transformed Station, the internationally renowned shopping centre of Meadow hell, the concert venues such as the Arena and the sports venues such as the Don Vally and the Ponds Forge are but a few to mention. Perhaps better not to mention the Football teams but hey some might still support them;) I love Sheffield but only for the right reasons:thumbsup:


    Now your talking. ;)

  4. Can you point out the contradiction please, or do I have to ask in Punjabi?:hihi: If you are stuck with nineties information, then that isn't my fault, time has moved on and we no longer produce as much steel as in the past.

    Agreeing that the phrase is relative and also pointing out that what you suggest is wrong is not contradicting myself but countering your assertion that Sheffield today produces more steel than it ever has done.:roll:


    Cracking answer tab, you even managed to chuck a few Smilies in there.


    I am more interested in the positive views of Sheffield.


    Pulling Sheffield down is for the cop out brigade.

  5. Well done. Just out of interest, how old are you, how many children have you raised, how many third World countries have you visited, how many War zones have you visited, and what qualifies you to give advice on matters of human stress in all its forms?


    A loud voice? Experience in all aspects of life? A degree?

  6. Please check your sources as I agree the phrase is relative and indeed for a time in the nineties we did produce more steel than in the sixties and seventies, but after relatively recent closures Sheffield no longer produces more steel than the era that gave Sheffield it's reputation. Hence I agree with Cyclone in questioning whether Sheffield really does produce more than moderate amounts of steel.


    Yeap, checked my sources, so feel free to agree with me again! :huh:

  7. I find it a little sad that many Sheffield people see our city as a set of fixed stereotypes ie: Steel works, Full Monty, Football teams, and so on.


    The truth is that a lot of outsiders don't see it like that.


    What about the amount of students that come here and choose to stay, The amount of Asians that have made it their home, The parks, the countryside that surrounds us, The warm welcoming people etc.?

  8. How dare you say that? On this forum you are supposed to moan and slag off everthing there is about Sheffield.:hihi:


    It's a great place. I have friends that live abroad and when we meet up they always tell me how much they miss the place, it's people and their sense of humour.


    Your freinds are are right verona. Sheffield is a fine City, only missed when you are away from it.

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