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  1. Originally Posted by HeadingNorth but the bingo hall pays out (by law) the same amount it takes in They pay back out, plus winnings, to the winners. There are far more lossers per game than there are winners. The numbers are stacked in favour of the bingo hall.
  2. I have to admit that I have never been that fond of visiting the city centre, and as such, haven't been there for quite some time. Due to the bad weather I decided to get on site via the bus this morning (something I haven't done for about five years!). The bus service was excellent in the snow, and the sights in the city centre were amazing. That great big wheel close up, the shops on West Street that wouldn't look out of place in London's smartest areas, The Peace Gardens. Fantastic! I feel even more proud of our city after today.
  3. But still posted any irrelevance you could find! Not very bright are you.
  4. Them (plural).Oops! You stated one set of tracks. Am I getting brighter? Him, He (male person). Correct, but Oops! you didn't see if it was a male or female. Are you feeling dimmer? What crime was committed? Oops!, none. Dimmer still. Why did you not call the police if you felt so threatened? I will tell you why. A group of kids were having a snowball fight on your street. One of the kids ran up to the nearest car (yours) for ammo'. You came out of the house and saw that snow had been removed from your windscreen. You ran back into the house, jumped onto your keyboard and started a thread that would cause unnecessary panic to any vulnerable forrumer in the Walkley area without any proof of any criminal behaviour. A ridiculous thread, made obvious by your reluctance to reply directly to someone who is brighter than you lad.
  5. "them", "him", "he"? Not "she"? Make your mind up. Are you giving us the full story? Are you going fuzzy with the new snow, what was the crime? Help us to help you. If it was just a tiff between you and your lady, then perhaps you can work it out together.
  6. Nail on the head! There are now twelve listed buildings in Sheffield that are up for sympathetic refurb. Bishops House is on the list for sympathetic renewal, but no one will touch it because of constant vandalism. There is a famous pub very close to Fitzalan Square that won't stand up for much longer due to surrounding development disturbance, and a 300 year old house in Dore that is going the same way. It's a shame that the council is putting these buildings out to tender in stead of taking the same care that other councils have taken over their heritage.
  7. No such luck, a friend of mine did a redev' on it 5 years ago, made a balls up internally in my opinion.
  8. Happy days. And the buildings are so cool. should be preserved.
  9. That's cos you can't drive a car young fella. Everyone, keep your heads right in this bad weather! Stay safe.
  10. Why don't we call it Fitzalan Square? and boycot these duff establishments? You could help by avoiding your temptation! Sounds like fun!
  11. The EIM2' reg's are none sustainable in in all working environments. i.e. leaving work after dark, or pre-formal work part 2.4, P4. The decisions, in most instances are down to the employer or main contractor as to cessation of work under extreme circumstances. Contracts, main or sub, cover working hours, not travel to and from location of employment.
  12. In 97 I had 35 people working for me, some casual, some contracted, and the rest subbys. Now I have a core team of seven. From back then to today there has been no change in contracts covering P4 in terms over bad weather. It is down to the main contractor or employers discretion. I have always, and remain to be fair in these circumstances. My contracts with employees cover safety at work. Not the travelling to and from work. If I feel that if anybody under my employment will be at risk through travelling to work in adverse conditions, I will advise them to stay at home. That is how I choose to run my business, and it has stood the test of time. Respect your staff, and they will respect you.
  13. No worries phil, your mum and dad worked hard to get you that new BMX for Christmas.
  14. All my men have decided to take the bus to work on Wednesday, if they are running! If not, we walk for our pay.
  15. Nearly Malky, but how often is that? That's why you make sure you get to work in all weathers. If the sun doesn't shine, the bills don't stop coming in.
  16. That's right, You don't know! Why not post when you do know? Give the OP something tangible.
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