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  1. This is how it is.


    There are good and bad workers in every industry. The reason that the OP chose teachers as an example was just to get a rise, as this has been proved to be a touchy subject in past threads.


    If you are a good and loyal worker, you will get to work whatever the weather. No excuse's.


    The difference is, that certain teacher's along with certain other employees in other industries, know that they will be paid regardless.


    I think I have given you the gist.

  2. I'm surprised no threads have been started by teachers, entitled 'School - it's not free childcare for parents'.


    But I guess most teachers will have better things to do with their time, like figure out how they're going to educate your child for you.


    If it's only teachers that had difficulty getting into work, then why are they reporting on the news that this cold snap has been costing the economy around 20 million pounds a day?


    Sorry, it's not multiple choice :lol:


    Because of the sick pay to teachers that can't be bothered to get into work unlike any other industry perhaps?

  3. Today at the school where I work we ran out of food for school dinners as the delivery drivers cant get here until Tuesday due to the weather, no doubt Monday parents will be ranting and raving about the schools failing to provide for their children, whilst at the same time saying we close too quick.


    I dealt with one incident where a pupil was hit in the eye with a snowball with a small stone in it causing a serious injury, we will wait for the compensation claim on this one as again we will deemed deemed neglegent of 'Locus Parentis' by the parent who is also moaning we close too quickly during the snow.


    Oh I cant be rsed with this anymore.....teachers 'teach' they are NOT child minders, the sooner parents realise school is not a creche the better.


    That's the wrong attitude. I hope you do not convey this attitude to your pupils dick.

  4. I have been out walking in it but today I took the car when the weather didn't look too bad.. then of course it snowed so that's when it all started to go not so well! I like snow for the first day or so but when you have work commitments, self employed etc it gets a bit tiresome :)


    I know what you're saying, but you can't beat it. Embrace it and enjoy it while it's here. See it as a mini adventure in our hum drum city, it doesn't happen that often! :)

  5. :( Yeah and don't try getting up Birch House Avenue in your car either. We've just tried it... very very slow. If you have a look out you'll see our very squiggly track marks! :) I wish it would stop snowing. Have you parked at the bottom again?


    You could always use your legs! Dont you still find the snow to be magical little one?

  6. In the 10 years during which I had one or other of my children at Lydgate Junior School I can not remember a single "snow day". Although many children live locally, many others also treck in from further afield due to its popularity. Last year the Y6's were even allowed to play in the snow at playtime!!! Lets face it if they were not at school they would be risking injury out sledging and snowballing.

    In keeping open this has enabled working parents to keep hospitals schools and business's etc afloat.

    Hats off to the Headteacher and staff.


    When some of my children were younger, they were at St Maries on Fullwood Rd, well within the "snow zone". I also can not remember a single "snow day".


    I have had the same experience's hodgepodge, and I am of the same opinion. :thumbsup:

  7. In countries with a lot of snow like Finland, you have to take part of your test on an ice rink. You also have to know how to look after your car in winter conditions, when and how to change to winter tyres etc. The amount of snow we usually get here hardly warrants this. We'll all be waiting another 10 years to put our new skills to practice.


    It is amazing how slowly some people drive in snow. I had to overtake 2 cars on my way into work the other day because they were driving so slowly, and I was cycling.


    We would all be waiting about ten hours to put our new skills into practice. In case you hadn't noticed, we have snow and ice AND accidents due to this, every winter.

  8. Many moons ago I decided to go to meadhowhell in the snow.

    So at the bus stop at the bottom of derbyshire lane bus pulls in wheels lock and it skids past me. Doors open driver grinning like a chesire cat.


    On the way back I was going to the top of Norton Lees lane. Driver says I'll try my best for you and got me there without any real trouble.


    Anyway this morning surprisingly woodseats road wasn't gritted. I wasn't impressed by the bin Lorry driving round the corner in the middle of the road when there's no where for anyone coming from the other direction to get of the way.


    Just missed me by about an inch I wasn't impressed by the stupidity.


    Ahh yes, there are too many drivers blessed with stupidity on the roads. The recent weather seems to bring out the worst in them.


    There should be a second driving test taken in the snow and ice. Anyone that fails should only be issued with a fair weather liscence, and be banned from driving during cold snaps.

  9. Yes that is so. :roll:


    I travelled on the 272 on saturday night and the driver was a star. The buses had been only running to Fox House all day but this guy decided to run right through to Castleton. We passed three cars in trouble, one through a wall and 2 in ditches and all were 4x4's. As the driver said the trouble with 4x4 cars is that many of the drivers have 2x4 brains.

    I have never felt as safe as I did on this guys bus so please do not make silly comments like the above generalising about bus drivers.


    Don't get exited Nuetral body. That post was just a harmless little jibe to someone else on the forum. I have the utmost respect for bus drivers as is well documented in other threads. No offence taken, you weren't to know.


    However, I do find the above generalisation about 4x4 drivers a little silly.

  10. It's a discussion forum, I posted something relevant, but it turns out not a legal requirement.

    All you've done is (as usual) try to pick faults.

    Do you have anything to contribute beyond your petty fault finding? Or were you trying to demonstrate an ironic sense of humour by posting about people who weren't adding to the thread?


    My bold.


    Why the intent interest in what I post in all threads?


    If I agree with you, will you give me a bit of a break? There is no need to try and insult me. You are beginning to look like some sort of forum stalker.


    I have contributed to this thread by stating current regulations regarding the OP. You are quite right, this is a discussion forum and you did post something relevant, but not relevant to the OP.


    Lets just call it quits and enjoy the forum for the great resource that it is. :)

  11. You aren't getting any brighter no. You are starting to look like a childish forum stalker though, so well done for that minor accomplishment.


    You clearly can't even read. My car was on my drive. To access the drive you need to come up a genel, through a gate, across 2 back yards, through another gate and then onto my drive.

    The footsteps then went around to the far side and a patch of the side window was scraped clear.It would also have to be a child with a large shoe size, about the same as your IQ, 9 or 10, and they also walked up the street and down several other genels and up the side windows of multiple cars. They had a good old wander around the van parked on the street and it was late, there were no children out.


    If you've got nothing to add to the thread, then stop posting your drivel and go and do some plastering.


    I can read, and I read your OP quite clearly, and the majority of my bold was not included in it. It's there for all to see.


    You are clearly making it up as you go along to try and save face.


    You included a total of five personal insults in your previous reply to me. You have a lot to learn about how to address someone who does not agree with you with good reason.


    I have plenty to add to the thread, but will not, as I don't wish to be subjected to more immature arrogance.


    I wish you luck in finding this/these horrendous villains!

  12. Oh, I dunno. Perfectly true, and from personal experience. I also have IAM in cars, Dsa adi 2 in cars, Cardington Special (supposeldy the hardest), 37 years expereince in Britain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, in mountains, on motorcycles, tracked vehicles, BORDA qualified in 4X4, quite a bit really, but the worst of the lot is definitely in a bus. When it decides it's going to go, there is NOTHING you can do. I wish I was exaggerating, but sadly I,m not, and I've still got the paperwork from the hospital, dated Nov 1996, to prove it. As previous threads show, there is no seat belt, no airbags, no din-built protection, no crumple-zone, nothing. When it happens, it happens,and you have to wonder how much they'd have to pay you to make it worthwhile. After 15 years in the Forces, I never felt so alone or so undervalued as in a bus in Sheffield, which is a terribly sad thing to have to say.


    I am certainly not questioning your experience Sir, nor accusing you of exaggerating. I have the utmost respect for what you have said throughout this thread.


    Why is it that bus drivers are not afforded the same protection in there vehicles, as the majority of car drivers?

  13. You really must experience a full-scale slide and a crash in a bus - it's ever so entertaining, and impossible to control. The worst bit, once they've stitched you up, is getting the glass out of your hair. Well, that and not being able to wash it, so the blood stays in it for a bit. usually comes out on the pillow, though. The surgeons get it out of your eye for you. The yellow dye they use is great, stings a bit, but it looks like you've got jaundice.Many of them happen on roads that have indeed been gritted, but grit is not the universal panacea. You can still hurt a few, without really trying that hard. There have been 5 fatal bus crashes in the last four weeks in Britain, and funnily enough, all of them on roads that had been treated. Deep joy.


    Thats a bit too far though, and not reserved exclusively for bus drivers.

  14. You seem to be determined to prove what a half-informed, asinine half-wit it is possible to be, It is DANGEROUS you fool - no matter how experienced and I have IAM qualifications, NVQ2 and many, many years of experience. It is DANGEROUS. You can kill people. Some of whom don't deserve it! Pile up a double decker, and yes, I have seen it happen, and you can take a lot of lives. Think of the coach thatcrashed in Cornwall last week, and stop being so stupid!


    Wow dafydd! Good point, strongley made! :thumbsup:

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