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  1. This thread has nothing to do with education. It is to do with bad employees using any excuse to get out of work.
  2. This is how it is. There are good and bad workers in every industry. The reason that the OP chose teachers as an example was just to get a rise, as this has been proved to be a touchy subject in past threads. If you are a good and loyal worker, you will get to work whatever the weather. No excuse's. The difference is, that certain teacher's along with certain other employees in other industries, know that they will be paid regardless. I think I have given you the gist.
  3. Because of the sick pay to teachers that can't be bothered to get into work unlike any other industry perhaps?
  4. If teachers do use any excuse not to work, then I agree with you, It's not right!
  5. I can feel it comming. Oh yeah! it's here. S13
  6. That's what he tells you! Has he told you about his lucky "snow days"?
  7. That's the wrong attitude. I hope you do not convey this attitude to your pupils dick.
  8. I know what you're saying, but you can't beat it. Embrace it and enjoy it while it's here. See it as a mini adventure in our hum drum city, it doesn't happen that often!
  9. You could always use your legs! Dont you still find the snow to be magical little one?
  10. When some of my children were younger, they were at St Maries on Fullwood Rd, well within the "snow zone". I also can not remember a single "snow day". I have had the same experience's hodgepodge, and I am of the same opinion.
  11. We would all be waiting about ten hours to put our new skills into practice. In case you hadn't noticed, we have snow and ice AND accidents due to this, every winter.
  12. Car stickers would be a great way for us forrumers to come out and show ourselves to the World, and far less painfull than the SF tatoo that I had done on my left bum cheek.
  13. Now you're talkin' my fellow fashion guru, this could put Sheffield on the map!
  14. Thats the answer! Move over BMW, TVR, AMG, VW and all the rest of the has beens. There's a new kid on the block. The Beastie Boys will never have looked so hip.
  15. Yeah! great idea. A great big SF on your car would look cool, so cool that everyone would want one and then the bootleggers would see the potential. Soon we wouldn't know the real forrumers from the fashion victims. What a pickle we would find ourselves in.
  16. Ahh yes, there are too many drivers blessed with stupidity on the roads. The recent weather seems to bring out the worst in them. There should be a second driving test taken in the snow and ice. Anyone that fails should only be issued with a fair weather liscence, and be banned from driving during cold snaps.
  17. Don't get exited Nuetral body. That post was just a harmless little jibe to someone else on the forum. I have the utmost respect for bus drivers as is well documented in other threads. No offence taken, you weren't to know. However, I do find the above generalisation about 4x4 drivers a little silly.
  18. My bold. Why the intent interest in what I post in all threads? If I agree with you, will you give me a bit of a break? There is no need to try and insult me. You are beginning to look like some sort of forum stalker. I have contributed to this thread by stating current regulations regarding the OP. You are quite right, this is a discussion forum and you did post something relevant, but not relevant to the OP. Lets just call it quits and enjoy the forum for the great resource that it is.
  19. I can read, and I read your OP quite clearly, and the majority of my bold was not included in it. It's there for all to see. You are clearly making it up as you go along to try and save face. You included a total of five personal insults in your previous reply to me. You have a lot to learn about how to address someone who does not agree with you with good reason. I have plenty to add to the thread, but will not, as I don't wish to be subjected to more immature arrogance. I wish you luck in finding this/these horrendous villains!
  20. I am certainly not questioning your experience Sir, nor accusing you of exaggerating. I have the utmost respect for what you have said throughout this thread. Why is it that bus drivers are not afforded the same protection in there vehicles, as the majority of car drivers?
  21. John Travollta. Yeah, you heard me right you ignorant lot. Bet most of you thought he came from Greece.
  22. Thats a bit too far though, and not reserved exclusively for bus drivers.
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