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  1. ]****holes don't just happen by themselves' date=' people make ****holes.[/b']




    It is born of a realisation that there is only so much money to go around. So as IreneWild mentioned, some residents get off their bum and do it for themselves rather than moaning about not having the facilities.


    Any divide is only a state of mind. You can choose your state of mind. There are some fine examples of community action in ALL areas of the city if you look properly. There are people that moan (but don't do anything) about injustice everywhere too.


    Nice areas don't just happen by themselves, money makes them nice.


    If the money ceased, you would soon see these nice areas turn into holes!

  2. Perhaps if we all took driving lessons from Viney then we would be safe in the knowledge we are all phenomenal snow drivers and no accidents would be forthcoming.


    Unless you are the worlds best driver then it is somewhat hypoicritical to be slandering others driving.


    I, after learning to drive in central Europe, was subjected to winter driving condition courses during my initial lessons and had to be certificated in order to complete the full test - slow driving in ice bound and snowy conditions is NOT advised if you have suitable traction to do otherwise.


    The people driving around clogging the roads up at 6 miles an hour and then spending time on here putting everyone else down are the reason it is so crap to drive in the winter - nothing to do with the conditions.



    High get off horse - rearrange those words pal


    get high off horse???? Wierd


    Your first sentence made more sense pal, stick with it. :thumbsup:

  3. So it seems this divide is actually between parts of the city where residents get organised and work hard to make good things happen, and parts where they sit on their sofas and complain about how unfair everything is. Shame on them!


    So there are parts of the city where all residents work hard, and there are parts of the city where all residents sit on their sofas all day!


    Shame on you!

  4. Is Walkley in your "North" or your "South" ?


    I think it's considered a "nice" place to live (well I like it), but it's not exactly "fancy", and the people in the pubs are "proper" Sheffielders (not me. I've only been here thirty years - I don't count yet).


    Judging from the response from the people in the pubs, I would place Walkley firmly in "my" North. After thirty years, The locals clearly view you as one of "my" Southerners.

  5. In regards to Britain in Bloom (and I was arguing your comment was 'strange' in that you chose a very minor thing to illustrate a massive and unfortunate issue, perhaps I chose my word incorrectly) I say what I say because it is those sorts of areas that have a strong (mostly middle class female) community organisation that has time on its hands. While other areas have very strong community organisations I would argue that they don't have the major time investments needed for such a contest. That is only my (stereotyped?) opinion and you can feel free to differ.


    I also am NOT arguing that any of this is a good thing. Quite the opposite in fact...


    I don't wish to argue with you libertarian. I was raised in Dore and my parent's still live there, but I have seen the other side of the coin.


    The community organisation statement was off mark in both directions. Do you not think that the "North" want to improve their surroundings? Time is not the issue. It is all down to finance.

  6. I would argue it's more south/ west vs north/ east.


    As to the rather strange Britain in Bloom contest statement, that's easy to answer. Dore and Fulwood stand a chance of having their residents take part and thereby win. I know it's a gross generalisation but there is more community pride (qv snobbishness?) in those areas [Note - I did not say community spirit, because I don't think there is]. Nor do I think that anyone who lives on the north/ east side of the city is a slob, as I say it's a generalisation and an unfortunate one. Something ought to be done about it... but I'm not holding my breath.


    My bold.


    Why??? Your statement is the strangest so far. Back it up.

  7. I think that you may be mistaken.


    If you undertake a task to visit every playground in the city, you may realise that it is not as distinct as you suggest.


    I have, but not by my own choice.


    I have noticed that over the past five years or so, that there is a huge distinction. On my travels I have seen the likes of Dore and Fullwood entering the Britain in Bloom competition. I can't say the same for Fir Vale or Gleadless Valley! Why not? Surely tax payer’s money is equally distributed around the city!?

  8. I am using the North/South divide as a metaphor.


    I take my kids out and about when I am of work, we go all over the place. If the kids see a park or playground on our travels, they pester me into submission to stop the car (other parent's will sympathize with this:().


    I have noticed a huge difference between playgrounds in different parts of the city.


    Parks in the more affluent parts of the city (lets call them South) have up to the minute apparatus with child safe surfaces.


    The less affluent areas (lets call them North) have parks with worn out apparatus, and dangerous tarmac floor surfaces.


    My observation’s expanded to the general appearance of these areas. South, well cared for with an obvious injection of cash from somewhere?! North, run down and little attention to the surroundings.


    I am sure that I am not the only one to notice this divide, I just can't work out the reasons for it. :help:

  9. May get a lot of practice next week if we run out of grit.


    Lets hope that all this "practice" won't lead to someone's peril.


    As stated in another thread, many pedestrians are using the roads to walk on as the footpaths aren't clear.


    This is an extra hazard for the motorist to be aware of.


    Most of the motorists that I have seen in action can't deal with the snow and ice and yet another hazard could all end in disaster.


    If you are a poor driver (you people know who you are). STAY OFF THE ROADS!

  10. Not sure about the BBC news report on the web, that seems a bit odd as nowhere else, including the BBC weather centre is forecasting 7" of snow for South Yorkshire tonight!


    Late forecast has just been on anyway, and it still shows flurries overnight, and flurries on Sunday/Monday but with immense amounts of snow for the SE. This was Rob McElwee, he says there's a sign the high pressure block will start to move northwards next week allowing in Atlantic systems - and the middle of next week the area to cop for it will be the South West. Will still be bloody cold here though.


    So are you saying that I'm wasting my time doing my naked snow dance in the garden?! You could have let me know earlier Mathom! I'm freezing my tat' of here! :mad:

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