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  1. It doesn't get any easier when it's your third. Let him enjoy himself, he'll be fine.
  2. Yeah, perhaps I should have called the police. It didn't occur to me at the time. I think I was more concerned about informing the car owner about who had done it. I know how upset I would have been if it had happened to my car. If I had done the same thing to someone and not owned up, I wouldn't be able to live with myself.
  3. It's a tough choice nikki. I have three teenagers myself. I had to bight the bullet and let them go to these nights against my better judgement. I decided that anything that goes on in these places is no different to anything that goes on in school or when they are out with their mates in general, but with added security. It's best to trust your son, you will gain much more respect from him than if you were to hold him back.
  4. The lorry belonged to a well known Sheffield company. The driver hit the parked car. The driver's mate got out to to check the damage (smashed wing mirror and nasty scrape down o/s wing). Driver's mate looked to see if anyone had seen the collision, decided that they were in the clear, got back in the lorry, and they drove off. Driver's mate was wrong. My team and I saw the whole thing from above street level where we are installing a dormer window! I did the right thing and gave the details of the lorry to the car owner. Why don't people like this just come clean? how would they react if the same thing had happened to their car? Would you have driven off, or held your hand up?
  5. My bold. You seem confused. It seems that there is a sub North/South divide in S10. Is the student quarter as well tended as the affluent quarter in S10?
  6. S10 is a bit of a grey area. Students versus wealth. I am not sure where to place S10 in my North/South metaphore. I am open to advice.
  7. I didn't need to ask him, you did it for me and he ignored you.
  8. These people are only taking what is being offered to them Riche! How can the blame lie with them?
  9. Yeah, I've seen a quite a few similar events over the past few days. Answering the phone while driving obviously comes before safety though!!
  10. I know what you are saying jez', but the muppets come out in force in the snow and ice to skid about for fun. Great fun untill someone gets hurt!
  11. It seems to be a common mistake, but you got there in the end. I am leaning on you to give a better indicator/metaphor. Don't dissapoint.
  12. I managed to get myself and my staff to work safely today by using my experience of driving in snow and ice. I am pleased to say that I didn't see as many bad drivers en route. I can't say that this is solely down to this thread, but I would like to think that I have made a difference. Thanks to all of you that have taken my advice. Keep it up guys, it will soon be Spring.
  13. I think it was aimed squarely at me Dozy, But I couldn't be bothered to point out my signature to him.
  14. Doesn't alter the fact that their are some right pratt's on Sheffield's roads though does it?!!
  15. I argue against people labelling all people because of the area they live in. Surely anyone with a modicum of intelligence realises that not all people that live in a bad area are bad, and vice versa.
  16. Are you sure that is what you are saying this time Tony? You're not going to change your state of mind again are you?
  17. I have no idea why, but according to a thread posted last week, they were doing the same thing to cars parked on private drives in Walkley.
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