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  1. Please forgive my ignorance. I have never heard of Birkanau, probably due to the lack of teaching when I was at school. What happened there? and why was your visit more upsetting than that of Auschwitz? Genuinely interested. From what you have said, it would appear that Auschwitz is quite the tourist attraction. In some ways I feel this is good, but on the other hand I find it quite upsetting.
  2. I don' know the answer annb3811. Perhaps it's just boredom as you suggest. From a personal point of view, I put it down to immaturity. And that's fine, everybody goes through it, and hopefully emerge as a well rounded individual.
  3. You've visited Auschwitz! How did it make you feel? I can't imagine how it would effect me. You are very brave and I commend you. And yes, it should be taught in all schools.
  4. As a builder, I have worked in just about every area of Sheffield you could care to mention. My findings are that there are good people and not so good people in “every” area. People are people wherever you go. Live and let live guys, the World would be a better place.
  5. Thanks for the link Matt. I watched the trailer, very interesting. This definitely looks like one to watch.
  6. I was at secondary school during the early eighties, and as I say, it was as if it had never happened. A colleague of mine was also at school at the same time, at the other end of town. He wasn’t taught about it either. He seems to think that it was because it was still too fresh in peoples minds. When did schools start teaching about the holocaust?
  7. I cried too. Again. As a 40 year old man, I would have thought that my emotions would be hardened, especially in this day and age. Not so.
  8. What is Mod bashing Sarkysod? I'm a bit new.
  9. It's fast enough for me, I'm a bit duff at typing.
  10. My daughter gave the same reaction Bloomdido! She told me that at school, she left the classroom half way through, as it made her feel ill. It is a bitter pill. I watched it at the cinema back in 93/94 I think. After watching it again recently with my Son, I realised that I had forgotten much of it, especially the most touching final scene. It should be watched again and again and never forgotten. There is a very fine barrier existing today, that is preventing the same thing happening again.
  11. Wow Guys, chill out. I'm sure this was just a minor missunderstanding. What realy counts is that you ate your meal and enjoyed, had a few drinks, had a chat and a laugh. Life's too short. Enjoy.
  12. It was closed earlier this week due to high winds and driving rain. As far as I know, it is now open.
  13. Do any other schools in Sheffield use Schindler's List as a teaching aid?
  14. I would just like to say that I have worked with Chinese, White, Black, and Asian in my time, and found good friends in them all. Do onto others as you would do onto yourself. If we all did this then the world would be a better place. Live and let Live, Peace.
  15. Please, I am genuinely impressed that this part of history is now being taught in schools, it should NEVER be forgoten, and NEVER be repeated. When I was at school, all we we learned about was how many wive's some guy called Henry had. Completely useless.
  16. Thanks, thats a good point. I don't remember getting any info from school about the screening of this film. Working it out, I think my daughter was 14 when she saw it. Perhaps this was the dumbed down version for schools. I must say though, that what they learn in sex education seems to be far more advanced than anything shown in Schindler's list. I felt more embaressed than my Son while watching the naughty bits.
  17. Has anyboby watched that film recently? Wow! what a film. I'd forgotten how powerful it was. Well worth a watch if you find yourself at a loose end.
  18. I had a job as pot washer at the Golden Dragon on the Moor when I was a lad, Don't know if its still there. Back then they used to write down English customer or Chinese customer on the tabs to make make sure they gave out the right menus. It was nothing sinister.
  19. My Son came home from school this week telling me what he had learned about the holocaust. I was quite impressed, as when I was at school (many moons ago!) the subject wasn't even mentioned in history lessons. I decided to further his understanding of what happened, by playing the dvd of Schindler's list. My daughter walked into the room and declared that she had seen the film at school (She is 2 years older at the same school). I think it is good that this accurate account of what happened is shown, Well done Handsworth Grange. I don't mind admitting that seeing the film again brought a tear to my eye, so powerfull, it should never be forgotten. Are other schools in Sheffield using it to teach?
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