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  1. So you have moved from the Cross to S10. What makes you any different from the chavs that you complain about? Dont they deserve the same chance that you have been given?
  2. What was the turn of events that made the Cross crap? The "shipping" of children from different areas to schools happens to every part of the city, Dore included. Why is Dore still a "nice" place, But the Cross isn't?
  3. To be fair Malky, not many people are addicted to going to the dentist.
  4. Which poster was he talking about? Switch your web cams off posters! Jimmy is checking out your teeth.
  5. You seem to be confusing "chavs" with "students", which defies logic, as you are obviously a student.
  6. Oh come on Cyclone, that is weak! what’s next? An attack on my grammar and spelling? To be fair, you have tried to give me a bashing in previous threads! You should have realised by now, that I am not the sort of person to take unfounded trite laying down. Perhaps I have been a little harsh on you in previous posts, but you reap what you sow. You do make some valid points, but the way that you sometimes express them leaves something to be desired. I quite enjoy conversing with you, and there is nothing wrong with a good debate, but press the brake pedal on the arrogance, as it will only be met with the same response. I am sorry for previously offending you, and hope that we can put this behind us, as I can guarantee that our paths will cross again. All the best. Viney
  7. There have been several flippant replies to my OP. There have been several intelligent replies. I tend not to contend the intelligent replies unless they have an underlying intent to cause argument. Sometimes, a flippant reply has an undertone of intelligence. That is how (rightly or wrongly) I perceived your first reply. I admit to gently teasing you in order to qualify your views. No offence intended, that’s just my way. After carefully weighing up the views of all contributors, I consider your view, and those that hold the same view, to be correct. It is down to the people. Thank you for your input.
  8. You nearly made an arse of it, but your later honesty prevailed.
  9. Another "jump in" poster that has not read the OP, or the thread. Don't worry crookesey, you're not the first.
  10. Does this apply to Tony's council estate in Dore residents? Are these council estate resident's automatically offered a higher level of education because they live in Dore?
  11. Is that it? Is that the result of all your sleepless nights, trying to think of a way to discredit viney? Have I indulged you by replying to your previous posts, only to be confronted by an anticlimactic none point? I should feel flattered by your fan mail, but feel nothing but disappointment. All those years at Uni’, being encouraged by your science lecturer to enter into informed, reasonable debate, down the pan due to your leaning towards the arrogance of your youth. What a waste. For your future reference, here is where you went wrong (plus a little free advice!): Lose the user name. A cyclone is a force of nature that sweeps through an area causing massive damage very quickly, then moving on. You are a quick thinker and a quick typist. Unfortunately, you type quicker than you think! Slow it down a little. Think before you type. Maybe change your user name to “draught” (that’s advice). “draft” is another word that is pronounced the same way as “draught”. It has a different meaning, but is still pertinent to my reply. If you draft your replies, you can check them before you commit yourself in haste. You selected snippets of conversation from this thread (not the whole conversation/‘s), and pieced them together to suit your means. This is commonly known as “editing”. Editing can be a very powerful tool in the hands of the adept. You are not proficient in editing therefore it is best that you don’t attempt it again (more advice). Read the OP carefully before jumping in. Your reference to Grenoside being in the North, shows your complete ignorance of my metaphor! And finally, I asked for advice on my observations. Hence I did not make an uninformed statement. I only made statements after weighing up the information that had been presented.
  12. I would agree JB, but it sounds like they deny anything that is thrown at them, evidence or not! It seems that we have a rogue bus company in our city that is above the law!!
  13. I'm not sure what point you are trying to make, but I am sure it is clear in your mind, and that is all that matters. Thanks for your, err, contribution, to the thread.
  14. No Ducky1. The scaffolding company that you are referring to are off the hook.
  15. I will Mathom . You stated in your previous post that there was at least one witness to what happened on your road and there must have been more. Get everyone to come forward. If a bus still comes down your street after a council ban, You can't lose! Make 'em have it!!!
  16. I have received PM's asking me to name the company that the lorry belongs to. I'm not sure if I should name the company or not, as it was down to the driver, not the company.
  17. Dont you get fed up of searching for your ball in the snow?
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