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  1. maybe he couldnt stop!!


    Dont forget they are all Automatic, and the Man buses especially, their break retarders are very keen just slightly touch the brake and you gota skid on your hands!


    I dont understand why the bus companies dont take the buses off the road when it starts getting snowy instead of leaving us to get stuck or crash, yes some people maybe stuck for getting home but at least like what happened to you would not be on the cards, you would just have to contend with car drivers flying at you.


    Of course he couldn't stop, he was going too fast!


    As I said, no excuse.

  2. Its brilliant driving a ten tonne bus in snow and ice, with the stop starting it does take abit of skill not to skid or send a granny flying :D


    if you saw the way tho that some people dumped their cars on Walkley lane in the snow then you would understand why they return to no wing mirrors and dints, i saw one that was parked next to the dividing white line near the Fllorist pub and it was still there near midday monday!!!


    Ten tonne bus came hurtling towards me in snow and ice on Monday between parked cars. I had to skid to a hault! he had no regard for stopping distances.


    No excuse.

  3. Jacko v Prince? Neither really, as both are 1980s acts whose music sounds horribly of its time and dated. They both ran out of ideas a long long time ago.


    But these guys shaped the face of popular music. If it wasn't for them, you wouldn't have Jedwood as your favourite choice of listening Randy! Show a little respect. :hihi:

  4. I love it when people try to compare artists to Michael Jackson, the positives in songwriting, singing ability, performance, music video's, concerts and selling ability lie deep in the MJ camp.


    Prince is good, but nowhere near MJ. As someone pointed out earlier in the thread, Jacksons music is timeless, Prince's music is abit outdated.


    Only one King of Pop, Rock and Soul - Michael Jackson all the way!


    Not quite as clean cut as that.


    MJ's camp was overflowing with dosh, due to the earlier success of the Jackson 5. Expensive productions, special visual effects making MJ look as if he was doing things that aren't possible etc.


    Prince. Raw talent.


    Of course Prince's old material sounds outdated, it is!


    Try listening to his new stuff. He is still a class act, Can't say the same for MJ.

  5. Its not so much erratic driving, as stupid parking!


    Most people seem to park their cars where ever they can and dont think about the, what if a car looses control situation.


    Ive seen people being over cautious in the snow latley, Monday prime example afternoon most of the roads cleared of snow and i will admit some parts having slight ice on them, yet you get people driving at maximum speeds of 10mph, holding traffic up and causing people to overtake.


    If you dont feel safe driving, dont venture out, or catch the bus like most people have, and yes before you say anything i know public transport isnt that reliable but its better you people be on the bus than travelling down the parkway at 6mph cause it snowed on sunday!! :D


    No. It is erratic driving which ever way you look at it.

  6. Why?


    I'm assuming that most people posting on here are drivers and I am also assuming that most drivers looking at a temperature gauge reading 80 degrees centigrade would take that as the engine water temperature and the one reading +1.5 degrees centigrade as the outside temperature.


    Mind you, I could be wrong. I do know someone who thinks running your engine while stationary does not use any petrol as you are not moving!


    John X


    Well done John X, you have identified the cause of the problem. Drivers are too busy keeping their eyes on the temperature guage and doing math, to see the ice on the road!

  7. Plenty of the other sort too, who think that driving at 5mph. in a 30 zone in slush, is aiding road safety.


    When your car temperature gauge reads above freezing and the road is wet, it is UNLIKELY that you will come across ice, and driving at that speed is only going to lead people to try and overtake you.


    (by the way, you have to overtake at speed. Check Roadcraft, the police advanced driving manual!)


    John X


    Over the past few days, when I have set of for work at 7.00am, the roads have been ice. My temperature gauge has read above freezing.


    Does my temperature gauge show the temperature of my engine, or the temperature of the road?


    Sorry, I don't intend to make your post look silly, perhaps you could have worded it better.


    viney. :)

  8. I wouldn't be able to answer this question, as I have not seen people in other cities driving to compare and to agree or disagree whether people in THIS CITY in particular know how to drive in snow and ice. But I imagine whatever experience you have had that prompted you to post this is pretty much nation wide.


    On a completely unrelated topic, does anybody in this city know how to type properly?


    Yes, you can answer this question if you drive in this city. The question was about people driving in snow and ice in this city, not any other, so no comparison is needed nor was made.


    About your unrelated topic, Why not start a thread?


    viney. :)

  9. This reminds me of my school days. You were either a Prince fan or an MJ fan and you couldn't be both! I was in the MJ camp. He was more fun.


    Prince seemed a bit too serious and heavy going for me. This is comparing Billie Jean to Purple Rain.


    NOW, I'd say Purple Rain is a far better song, but as a tender teenager, at the age of 14 when it all came out, I just loved MJ.


    :) I remember it well.


    I was an MJ fan, couldn't stand Prince!


    It was in the early nineties that a friend of mine got a bunch of tickets to go and see Prince. We all just went for the laugh really.


    But. Wow. It was amazing! His singing, dancing, showmanship, energy, ability to play any musical instrument, and sense of humour, just blew me away.


    A true genius, not just a one trick pony.

  10. If you think some of the driving in the snow is bad round here then try going down south and into the London area. They dont see snow very ofter so therefore arnt used to it


    I've witnessed it :hihi:, I lived in Kent for five years.


    To be fair though bus man, you would have to live in Alaska or somewhere to be "used to it".


    We only see it a few times a year, but still drive like it's not there.

  11. Yeh don't bother going out.


    Take it easy on the accelator/brakes and use the appriopate speed and gears and note the condition of the road.


    Most drivers fail too observe the condition of the road and presume it's icy when they see a single flake of snow for example.


    Overall I've seen some bad conditions on the main roads due to lack of gritting which warrent caution but it doesn't mean you need to drive everywhere at 10 mph.


    have you considered that you've been over cautious by any chance??


    No, I travel at speed that will maintain the flow of traffic, but will not send my car skidding all over the show.

  12. It seems like Sheffield is full of lunatic drivers when it comes to driving in snow and ice. I have lost count of the amount of drivers who have overtaken at speed, pulled out on me, and numerous other stupid tricks over the past few days.


    I know that there are other responsible drivers out there, but as for the rest of you, get a grip before you hurt yourself or someone else. :rant:

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