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  1. A chance to forget all the petty arguments that we have had with each other, and wish our adversaries all the best.


    If you find yourself arguing with a forumer over the next few days, be the bigger person, come to this thread and wish them all the best.


    I will start of by saying Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all who have disagreed with me, I have respected your opinions, though have not admitted it at the time.


    Have a good one. All the best viney. :thumbsup::partyhat:

  2. My wrong? Do you mean My bad? or You're wrong? :confused:


    I'm apparently paying them for the schools, old folks homes, libraries, contribution to the police, fire and social services, street sweeping, council houses, carers, taxis for certain people, city centre ambassadors, christmas lights in Heeley and Firth Park, street flowers, donations to various community events, sorting out where you and your neighbours park your cars and gritting your road?


    Do I get a Quality Street now? :cool:


    Whatever you think. Have a quality street if you want one. :)

  3. Your a builder, get some sand chucked down and stop moaning. I gritted our bit of path outside our house. For the amount of bad weather we actually get it's not in the best interests of the city coffers to splash out on enough grit and machines to do all the side roads.


    If we did, you'd be moaning about the waste of Council Tax come July.


    Yeah, I see your point. Merry Christmas fox. :partyhat:

  4. apart from resources, given that side roads are usually littered with cars exactly how do you expect them to get a gritter down them?


    9 times out of 10 the bin wagon has a job getting down these roads during the daytime when alot of cars are gone. With all the cars parked up (usually double parked at that) aside from access I can imagine the number of complaints about grit damaging the paintwork of parked cars.


    That's the council's problem to sort out, not mine! That's what I pay them for. What do you pay them for?

  5. The Council have made a half hearted attempt at keeping our roads clear of snow and ice over the recent cold snap. Main routes clear. Cool!


    What about the side roads where we live? What's the point of the main routes being clear if we can't get on them?


    The side roads are not private roads, so why aren't they cleared?


    Do we not pay enough road tax or any other tax that you may care to mention to cover this?


    If you park on a double yellow line on a side street, are you less likely to get a fine than if you park on a double yellow line on a main road?


    I think not!


    So what is the difference when it comes to clearing our side roads of snow and ice? :rant:

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