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  1. What really freaks me out is that the aliens come at very specific times, when we are having parties or some other sort of celebration. Just how do they know that its a special time? They must be able to read minds from light years away. How else could they always come at bonfire night, christmas, new year, Chinese new year etc? :suspect:


    Cos they are mind reading aliens! Yeah, it is a bit freaky.

  2. You're comparing a hugely talented musician with an equally talented dancer. Both are incredible in their own way but I most certainly wouldn't class Prince's music as pop.


    Sure, both are decent songwriters but if you're a musician like I am, you look at Prince with your jaw wide open; if it's dance you're into then no doubt Jacko's moves will have the same affect on you.


    However, I am beginning to think that most of MJ's output is timeless whereas some of Prince's stuff sounds a bit old nowadays. 1999 was on the radio a couple of days back and I think it's aged badly.


    Having said that, did Rocky Robin ever sound relevant?!


    In his day, Prince could dance just as well, if not better than MJ.

  3. Christmas, schmissmass.

    Capitalism and greedy bankers after your money....and SOOOO many seem to fall for it all the time..on this post, at Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Moneyhaul.


    By the way, the advent of Christmas is sometime early December EACH year, so, effectively, we have been "in Christmas" for quite a few weeks now....but most of you dumbed down lot have been too busy watching x-faculty...to know any better...


    there are 12 days of Christmas, which start I think on Dec 24th or 25th...and go on until 6th January....soooo, little did you know it, but you now have 12 more CHRISTMAS days to spend, spend, spend.!


    What are you reading this post for? Go on, get out there and be "suckered" once again, by the greedy, profit making, media supported capitalists.




    Swallow your pride and get down to Asda, they've got some crackin' buy one get one free deals! :hihi:

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