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  1. Exactly. This 1960 fella seems to think that England is not part of the Globe.
  2. No nikki', you just failed to state all the variables.
  3. Quite right, awareness is the key. And right again, too much shouting can have an adverse effect, hence my OP. In my opinion HeadingNorth, you have posted the most sensible reply so far.
  4. The one that brags about it, but hasn't donated. Starting to get the picture?
  5. Your own free decision to donate is a true measure of your character. Outside pressure is a measure of your weakness to conform.
  6. Why do you think that it is nonsense Halibut? I don't post nonsense, and judging by the quality of replies (other than yours), other poster's don't see it as nonsense either. They may not fully agree with my opinions, but they do not resort to calling me a "tit".
  7. On the contrary Headingnorth. They would reply in order to let themselves be known. However, they would not discuss their contributions to charity.
  8. How can smug be smug if no one else Knows about it? To be fair, their is plenty of puplicity about Haiti. All of us on this forum should donate without shouting about it, unless we crave the attention!
  9. "self-righteous, do-gooders". Nail on the head Urien. Why didn't I think of that? People who do good to make themselves look good, but in reality, aren't really all that good.
  10. Just as I thought. No true Sheffielder's here.
  11. True Sheffielder's, don't donate to charity and brag about it! Here is an old Sheffield saying for you. "Give to them that need it, but say nowt to other folk. Telling other folk, means you want summat back!" This is a saying that I heard many times in my childhood from my Grandparents and Great Aunt's and Uncle's during their discussions around the dinner table about the bombings in the 2nd World War. Many true Sheffielder's will have heard this saying in the past. The wording may vary from family to family, but the point remains the same. I bring this up because I have noticed several posters declaring how much money they have donated to charity. The Haiti cause is the most recent, and a worthy cause without a doubt. It seems that nowadays, too many people/companies give to charity for their own means. Many wealthy people brag about how much they donate, to prove their wealth, in the same way they brag about how much they paid for their new designer kitchen. Many companies brag about how much they donate, to gain publicity and increase their profile. No need for a lengthy thread. Just a need to point out the true nature of giving to those in need, from our wise elders. viney.
  12. You have completely misunderstood my point. I should make it clear, that I donate to several charities every month by way of direct debit from my “personal” account, and have done for many years. I have also recently donated to the Haiti appeal. I do not feel the need to shout from the roof tops, every time I make a donation, as I believe that charity should be given quietly, and not be used as a means for personal gain. You have forced me to disclose my moral standing by attempting to discredit me, and my business, while not being in possession of the facts! With regards to Tess’s case, my point was that it was unfair of her company to donate staff wages to gain recognition as being charitable. It did not come out of the pockets of the top brass, nor the company pot, and was a clear case of emotional blackmail to further the company’s profile. In your post, you labelled me as being “mean spirited” and “selfish”, and suggested that people should not use my services. You were clearly wrong in your assumptions. I must remind you that you also state your business in your signature. It would be very easy for me to discredit you, due to your attack on me without gathering the facts beforehand. I will not attempt to discredit you. I believe that you genuinely misunderstood my point, However, I think it only fair that you retract your previous allegations towards me. All the best. viney
  13. Your donations are commendable, even though they are now made public. Do you think it fair that your annual increases and Christmas money were shoved into a kitty for a disaster in Haiti that hadn't even happened at Christmas!!?.
  14. My bold. How do you know? Do you know the salaries and annual bonuses’ and Divi's of your Chairman and board of Directors? I doubt it. But you know that they have donated £50,000! This is not charity. This is publicity.
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