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  1. Hook

    Red and yellow Mainline buses

    There’s one at SYTT.
  2. And not at all relevant to the OP, except for some posters to turn keyboard warriors and armchair judge & jury.
  3. Not all of city road has been done, nor has all of Park Grange Road. Theyre only allowed to close certain sections of road at any one time - that’s why they work up from a certain point.
  4. They’re only allowed to replace certain sections of track, IIRC, it’s around 100m by the council, so that road closures are, in theory reduced. Rail replacement can only be done during the warmer months (due to temperatures required for assessing rail length, the Edilon performing correctly when being laid down etc). Therefore as much as can be replaced is replaced and it’s done on a priority basis. Rail does not wear down equally in all places. It just can’t all be done at once unless the council change their stance on road closures.
  5. They replace the rail as it wears out - what’s daft about that? Volker do work 24 hours.
  6. Clearly it cost more or they would have done it...
  7. Supertram save no money on employment costs - the same number of conductors and drivers are required. If they aren’t working on a tram they will be at various tram stops on the system providing advice to customers. I’ve seen quite a few staff at Hillsborough this weekend.
  8. Again, not true. The Class 399 vehicles are currently maintained by both Stadler contractors (who do the majority of the work) and by Supertram employees. The Siemens fleet is maintained solely by Supertram Maintenance Ltd employees. The PTE provide the funding for rail replacement buses. They were not willing to fund extending the SL1 buses to Hillsborough and Supertram were unwilling to provide the funding themselves.
  9. They are responsible for general maintenance day to day - hence why you see them repairing odd bits of track (e.g after the first Staniforth road crash, and recent track bond replacement work) as well as the maintenance of the fleet. SYPTE are responsible for the major work - I.e rail replacement.
  10. They’re from Scunthorpe.
  11. It’s the same for Area 3 too. I guess the timetable for blue and yellow will be done around the tram train to make it all work. It’ll be a max of 15 trams an hour at peak (6x yellow, 6x blue and 3x TT). So one every four minutes. Wonder how frequently the points will fail.
  12. They did bits of it - there’s always more to do.
  13. “Always give way to trams. Do not try to race or overtake them or pass them on the inside, unless they are at tram stops or stopped by tram signals and there is a designated tramlane for you to pass. You MUST NOT park your vehicle where it would get in the way of trams or where it would force other drivers to do so.”
  14. Not a tram problem so much as another idiot driver problem then? 😂

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