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  1. What do you want then? You've said you want a company which runs trams for the benefit of the community and not for their own business. SYPTE exists for the sole purpose of providing transport across South Yorkshire, is not for profit and will run it for the benefit of the community
  2. You'll have your wish soon, the plan is for SYPTE to take the running of Supertram in house from 2024.
  3. The staff who would have repaired the OHLE were all self isolating and so there was nobody to repair the damage. The hot weather caused the overhead to sag and the pantograph of 206 got caught in it, ripped off and damaged the overhead in the process. Quite how they managed to check the rest of the network was safe when the staff were self-isolating, or why it was allowed to get into that state in the first would be perfect valid questions to ask.
  4. There won’t be a full RAIB inquiry, they’ll do what they did with the previous two crashes, a brief review and possibly a safety digest. The second tram train crash at Staniforth road didn’t even warrant an on site visit from the RAIB or interviews with the driver. In the first they interviewed the driver, but concluded no full investigation was needed.
  5. Definitely this. We generally only went into Sheffield when we needed to go to JL and then went to other shops while we were there. Now we have no reason to go to Sheffield at all, and will likely end up going to Meadowhall or Leeds.
  6. I know you’re just being facetious, but it’s wrong for Stagecoach to hide behind legislation that simply won’t apply. By Easter Weekend people will be able to meet outside under the rule of six, and up to two households. There’ll be no restrictions on travelling and yet Supertram feel it’s appropriate to cancel all services and not offer any form of replacement services or even accept that it might be a mild inconvenience for some people. Mind as this is the same company which hasn’t taken seriously the risks provided by COVID and still fails to clean the toilets in their castle house offices more than once a week, continues to clean the trams (internally) with cold dirty water and treat the staff with disdain I’m not surprised.
  7. Except that’s not true for Easter Weekend though is it! After 28th March the stay at home law lapses and no longer applies!
  8. If it doesn’t bother you and you aren’t interested then why bother replying?
  9. So is the system being fully funded by government (in which case the operators should surely be passing the fares collected back on to the government) or is it being supported by the government? Transport isn’t the only area of the economy which is struggling, but the private firms involved seem to think they’re entitled to special treatment. As you indicated they were struggling prior to this pandemic. Bring them back into public ownership, at least then some of the revenue which is being subsided will be passed back to the taxpayer rather than shareholders pockets.
  10. So will it be free to travel? Will fares be going back to the government? The funds should be used to *support* services, not fund them entirely. Although judging on how Stagecoach have treated their staff over the last few months I wouldn’t be at all sad if they disappeared. My understanding is that they’d like this to be permanent. I believe they’re looking at making the bloke who stands at Middlewood redundant, or forcing him to move to a lower paid job on a permanent basis. There’s a lot more to come.
  11. Except now it surely increases the number of passengers changing in Hillsborough a stop which is already busy and therefore making social distancing EVEN harder! This is clearly a long term cost saving exercise (evidenced by the fact that there will no longer be through ticketing!) introduced under the guise of covid-19.
  12. I’m lucky in that I work for a company where we all regularly WFH and the system is built for 100% to do that. So we’ve not had a problem. However I’ve heard so many horror stories from other companies both in and outside my sector that I’m pretty lucky. The council certainly aren’t alone here.
  13. Contrary to what Annie has said I think the least effective method of communication with an MP is via letter, although I guess each office and MP works differently. I would always recommend contacting your MP via https://www.writetothem.com as this process is transparent and helps keep them accountable!
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