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  1. These are nothing to do with terrorism and all about poor parking. It’s a new SCC ‘initiative’ and they’re on Sheaf Street.
  2. They’re on OpenADSB tho 🦾
  3. The problem isn’t a Lidl, or anything else. The problem is the lack of development in infrastructure, the appalling investment in public transport and the increasing reliance on the car. Do you have an axe to grind per chance?
  4. My partner manages one of the biggest Lidl in South Yorks so it can be done and usually is. Unlike Co-Op everything comes from the RDC, so there’s no separate deliveries for bread, milk etc.
  5. The majority of stores will get one delivery a day, occasionally during busy periods 2.
  6. So a small town like Barnsley with less visitors, and a much smaller footfall has the same number of public toilets as a large city like Sheffield? Think you defeated your own point there.
  7. If SYPTE aren’t responsible, they will know who is. I’d also suggest that if Andy C recommends reporting to the PTE then it probably is the best place!
  8. Best just to moan on Sheffield Forum about it then? I mean why bother trying to do anything helpful and report it to get it fixed.
  9. It’s still the case now. Just google northern no growth. https://www.citymetric.com/transport/so-why-northern-rail-chaos-here-are-11-reasons-3952
  10. It's worth understanding the issue in more detail than that, because for once I think Stagecoach actually took the right approach to protect employees, shareholders, pensions, passengers and so on... https://www.personneltoday.com/hr/pensions-row-threatens-virgin-and-stagecoach-rail-operations/
  11. By pension issues you mean they refused to allow themselves to be exposed to liabilities of the public pension fund?
  12. If it was a problem with a loop in the road then I’d expect that a) the system was in fall back mode and b) trams wouldn’t be able to automatically call for a signal. Having got the tram in from Middlewood this morning it seems that neither or those are the case. Mind there was no queue at Deepcar either, so maybe the magic fairy has fixed it all.
  13. Doubt there’s any snowflakes in this weather.
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