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  1. It's worth understanding the issue in more detail than that, because for once I think Stagecoach actually took the right approach to protect employees, shareholders, pensions, passengers and so on... https://www.personneltoday.com/hr/pensions-row-threatens-virgin-and-stagecoach-rail-operations/
  2. By pension issues you mean they refused to allow themselves to be exposed to liabilities of the public pension fund?
  3. If it was a problem with a loop in the road then I’d expect that a) the system was in fall back mode and b) trams wouldn’t be able to automatically call for a signal. Having got the tram in from Middlewood this morning it seems that neither or those are the case. Mind there was no queue at Deepcar either, so maybe the magic fairy has fixed it all.
  4. Doubt there’s any snowflakes in this weather.
  5. If there’s a problem on the route somewhere what do you expect them to do? I doubt First give their bus drivers a detailed explanation, they just let their drivers know there’s a diversion and which route to use. It certainly isn’t the drivers fault - he’s just following instructions. Honestly, it’s hardly the end of the world! At least you were forewarned and not dumped halfway from home. Some people!
  6. That’s correct. Volker have asked for extra time for that area.
  7. So it isn’t perfect with no trams running? Do you have evidence for that?
  8. Are you sure about that? https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/traffic-and-travel/new-electric-buses-for-leeds-as-transport-bosses-are-handed-2m-funding-boost-1-9579758
  9. Single line working is a railway specific term which refers to vehicles running on the same track in both directions, when usually they would run on two, single direction tracks. This is impossible on road running sections. It’s also impossible on Infirmary Road at the moment as that section is isolated and earthed.
  10. There’s always* been a membership option for Sheffield Theatres. There’s always* been a fee for it. There’s always* been a benefit of advanced bookings Why is it a problem now? *always is a long time, in this case it’s as long as I can remember.
  11. You want them to do single line working on a road section?
  12. You do realise that when they report profit that it’s after all their investment? So the £37million is after their investment in Leeds, which is not entirely funded by them but also by grants from both central and local government.
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