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  1. “Always give way to trams. Do not try to race or overtake them or pass them on the inside, unless they are at tram stops or stopped by tram signals and there is a designated tramlane for you to pass. You MUST NOT park your vehicle where it would get in the way of trams or where it would force other drivers to do so.”
  2. Not a tram problem so much as another idiot driver problem then? 😂
  3. Hook

    Bus pass on train.

    You get an intention to pay ticket from the machine and pay onboard.
  4. Hook

    M1 mess at night

    It’s funny - because your logic is the one that makes little sense. You’re breaking the law by speeding and attempting to justify your actions by comparing speeding to slavery and homosexuality.
  5. Hook

    M1 mess at night

    People don’t have a choice about their sexuality. People do have a choice whether to speed or not. Completely spurious analogy, of the sort you’d usually call somebody out on. You are sounding very much like an online troll.
  6. Hook

    Northern Rail strikes

    You’ve nailed it spot on. I’ve never seen people clinging to the outside of trains here in the UK because they’re so overcrowded: http://www.businessinsider.com/indias-trains-are-insanely-crowded-2016-2 And at least we don’t need ‘pushers’ like they do in Japan: https://soranews24.com/2017/12/04/one-passenger-pusher-isnt-enough-for-tokyo-area-train-that-needs-three-man-team【video】/ It’s about time you joined reality then, rather than living in some alternate universe as, shock horror, the trains are here! https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/northern-rail-new-trains-video-15253244
  7. Hook

    Northern Rail strikes

    The trains are currently undergoing testing, some have been delivered. They will enter service soon. Will you eat your words?
  8. Hook

    Northern Rail strikes

    Funny that - no refusal. Brand new fleet of trains under testing and on its way to Northern. 98 trains. £580m investment. Hey let’s not worry about facts though eh?
  9. The reply he was quoting is an hour old.
  10. They’ve been out since at least Sunday.
  11. Hook

    Northern Rail strikes

    Well done, you’ve just demonstrated your ignorance in all matters railway related. If you don’t understand what a Railway Guard does then perhaps you shouldn’t be commenting and advocating their removal.
  12. Hook

    Northern Rail strikes

    Will they get off the train to lay down detonators, deal with a fatality, or a train evacuation? Will they be route trained and rulebook trained? Will they be trained to do all the jobs that you’re unaware and ignorant of? errr, no because they won’t be safety critical. A guard does a LOT more than open close doors, inspect tickets and deal with disabled passengers.
  13. Hook

    Northern Rail strikes

    It isn’t a contractual requirement for Northern. ARN are choosing to implement it, they aren’t required to.
  14. Hook

    Northern Rail strikes

    Rather than referring to a press release from the company which can hardly be referred to as impartial (and ignoring the fact that the second person on the train would NOT be safety critical and therefore unable to carry out the majority of duties a guard does and which are probably completely unaware of) have a look at the response from Transport for the North which is an independent body: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/nov/28/northern-rail-plan-to-remove-train-guards-faces-statutory-opposition They’re saying that Northern shouldn’t be trying to remove the Guard and it isn’t part of their franchise agreement to get rid of the guard.

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