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  1. If it doesn’t bother you and you aren’t interested then why bother replying?
  2. So is the system being fully funded by government (in which case the operators should surely be passing the fares collected back on to the government) or is it being supported by the government? Transport isn’t the only area of the economy which is struggling, but the private firms involved seem to think they’re entitled to special treatment. As you indicated they were struggling prior to this pandemic. Bring them back into public ownership, at least then some of the revenue which is being subsided will be passed back to the taxpayer rather than shareholders pockets.
  3. So will it be free to travel? Will fares be going back to the government? The funds should be used to *support* services, not fund them entirely. Although judging on how Stagecoach have treated their staff over the last few months I wouldn’t be at all sad if they disappeared. My understanding is that they’d like this to be permanent. I believe they’re looking at making the bloke who stands at Middlewood redundant, or forcing him to move to a lower paid job on a permanent basis. There’s a lot more to come.
  4. Except now it surely increases the number of passengers changing in Hillsborough a stop which is already busy and therefore making social distancing EVEN harder! This is clearly a long term cost saving exercise (evidenced by the fact that there will no longer be through ticketing!) introduced under the guise of covid-19.
  5. I’m lucky in that I work for a company where we all regularly WFH and the system is built for 100% to do that. So we’ve not had a problem. However I’ve heard so many horror stories from other companies both in and outside my sector that I’m pretty lucky. The council certainly aren’t alone here.
  6. Contrary to what Annie has said I think the least effective method of communication with an MP is via letter, although I guess each office and MP works differently. I would always recommend contacting your MP via https://www.writetothem.com as this process is transparent and helps keep them accountable!
  7. These are nothing to do with terrorism and all about poor parking. It’s a new SCC ‘initiative’ and they’re on Sheaf Street.
  8. The problem isn’t a Lidl, or anything else. The problem is the lack of development in infrastructure, the appalling investment in public transport and the increasing reliance on the car. Do you have an axe to grind per chance?
  9. My partner manages one of the biggest Lidl in South Yorks so it can be done and usually is. Unlike Co-Op everything comes from the RDC, so there’s no separate deliveries for bread, milk etc.
  10. The majority of stores will get one delivery a day, occasionally during busy periods 2.
  11. So a small town like Barnsley with less visitors, and a much smaller footfall has the same number of public toilets as a large city like Sheffield? Think you defeated your own point there.
  12. If SYPTE aren’t responsible, they will know who is. I’d also suggest that if Andy C recommends reporting to the PTE then it probably is the best place!
  13. Best just to moan on Sheffield Forum about it then? I mean why bother trying to do anything helpful and report it to get it fixed.
  14. It’s still the case now. Just google northern no growth. https://www.citymetric.com/transport/so-why-northern-rail-chaos-here-are-11-reasons-3952
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