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  1. The whole school is a joke! My son was always hassled for his black trainers because they had a white nike tick on the heel( his trousers covered it). I was in the school for an appointment and nearly every girl i saw had ugg boots or decathalon pumps on and one lad had bright orange trainers on !
  2. Ben at the only way is s6 in hillsborough is brilliant and no hairdresser will cut all her hair off. Just what she aske them to do x
  3. Its actually not as messy as you would think lol. I just got some plastic sheets and put old sheets and towels down then chucked it all in the bin
  4. I had my 2nd and 3rd baby at home and it was a brilliant experience. Its so much calmer been in your own home. I was still doing things round the house while the midwife chatted with my partner. Its so much better knowing when the birth is over you can settle down with your baby straight away without having a journey home and i didnt have to find someone to have my other children. I would defiantly have another home birth. Good luck
  5. I'm looking for a children's entertainer for my daughters 5th birthday party. Can anyone recommend any please? Thank you
  6. I live just behind marliffe school and my daughter didnt get a place so will be starting malin bridge in september. Its a joke that marcliffe is my catchment school but cant get a place yet someone i know lives at parson cross and got a place.
  7. im at tramways ( the one on the right) and i think there brilliant especially with kids. Dr Thake is the best doctor.
  8. hi ive tried sending you a pm regarding the carseat but your inbox is full
  9. I lived in mexborough for 5 years and the only improvement would be to bomb it! Its an awful place full of thugs, drunks and druggies.
  10. I absolutely terrified of the dentist and have been going to genix healthcare in mexborough for sedation for years. http://www.genixhealthcare.com/6/14/sheffield
  11. Yes its £6.99 per child but half price from 6pm till 8:30. We took the kids yesterday and they loved it but all the mats have massive holes and most of the stuff wasn't even inflated properly.
  12. Van shAiks near the park hotel in hillsborough are really good a reasonable prices
  13. I live on taplin road and it takes the p**s to get parked between 8am and 6pm and I get charged to
  14. There is a lady called Jessie who is really good, google and you will find her number
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