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  1. Here are two organisations that could be helpful for business support: https://www.enterprisenation.com http://ioee.uk/
  2. Totally agree with the recommendation for Sam - he installed new sockets for me in a room prior to plastering, as well as moving a light switch, at the end of last year. Work was brilliant and he was so helpful - and at a sensible price. Good tradesman. Also going to make a mention for the plasterer who did the other part of the work - second time I have used him and he is brilliant too! Chris McVann at Mac Plastering http://www.mac-plastering.com/
  3. Since May, I had been having major issues with no Virgin phone line service. Would call their "report fault" number (at cost on a mobile), get told there was no problem, book an engineer, get that cancelled because they would find an area fault, engineer would come out and "fix" the fault - and a few days later it would start all over again... Escalated it through their complaints procedure, was promised call backs that never happened - they sent engineer to "fix" the fault - they wiggled the wire again - and the complaints team sent me a nice letter telling me how it was all sorted and I would never have another problem with their service. The day that I received the letter - the phone stopped working again. Patience exhausted - I did the one last thing left - a complaint email to Mr Tom Mockridge - the CEO of Virgin Media. (easy enough to find online - ceomail.com) Didn't take long to get a response from his office - and we then start to get taken seriously. People call up to apologise. Explanations are given. Engineers are sent out. Engineers start calling me to tell me what they are doing and checking in on a daily basis that the phone problems are solved. Red carpet treatment. Issue finally got properly fixed. And I did talk to them about how frustrating it was from a customers perspective to see their service checker telling them what a fully working services there is in their area - when they know full well that it's all broken yet again... So folks, if things are not getting done - contact the head honcho - their minions will jump to it a damn sight quicker than the day to day call centre staff!
  4. This company did my neighbours house last year - and made a very good job of the work! http://www.wfpointing.co.uk/ Also, for info have a look at: http://www.bricksandbrass.co.uk/ Chris is a very knowledgeable guy and should be able to give you information about internal/external insulation - he did some work for me last year, and is a forum member. http://www.mac-plastering.com/
  5. How about: http://www.lakeland.co.uk/23780/Town-Talk-Jewel-Sparkle-Jewellery-Bath
  6. I’d like to add another recommendation for Chris McVann from Mac Plastering. I’d contacted him a while ago to quote on installing internal insulation and skimming some artex covered walls. He came round, looked at the job and advised me on the best products available to provide the most effective performance. Even came back a while later to show me samples of the boards that he was proposing, and gave a very detailed and competitive quote. Last week he came to do the work, and I am so delighted with what he has done. He turned up each day at exactly the time he said he would, and was committed to doing the very best job – so much so that he even sourced some very specialist fixings to attach the boards to the wall. The finish is absolutely wonderful and I’m looking forward to painting the walls and seeing the final finish. (and he gave me some good tips on how best to do that) It’s also brilliant to finally be artex free! Chris is a really nice guy and we had some very interesting conversations, in between plastering stages. He was also prepared to sort out the problems caused by an inefficient supplier that almost derailed the job – and kept it perfectly on time. Without a doubt he will be back to do more work for me in the future.
  7. A big thank you to Jeff Smith (joiner) who expertly replaced the rotten facia boards around my bay window last week. He did a great job and I'd happily recommend him to anyone needing a skilled tradesman. Also, a long overdue thank you to MET Gas who have been so helpful with all of the boiler and radiator issues that I've had over the last year. It is so reassuring to have such trustworthy professionals to call on!
  8. Having had the same problem recently, a friend reccomended Dave at First Call Roofing who sorted the issue out right away. That was before Christmas, and I've not had any more leaks! Very helpful bloke who I would happily call back for any other work.07780722444 or 01142258335
  9. Perhaps have a chat to Beenies as they deliver bread from the Cat Lane Bakery. http://www.beanieswholefoods.co.uk/cat_lane_bakery
  10. Thanks to everyone for their help, I'm still in the process of getting quotes so haven't picked one quite yet. Sadly I don't have a large and menacing dog to hand, a large and very snoozy cat doesn't offer quite the same protection, unfortunately!
  11. Thank you for all the replies they are very helpful. I'd happily welcome any more suggestions!
  12. I'm considering getting a house alarm fitted, so am looking for recommendations for both alarm systems and installers. Looking to arrange for some quotes, so please pm me. Debating if wireless or wired is the best way to go. Don't need the alarm to be linked to a service centre - just a stand alone one. Any thoughts or information would be welcome!
  13. Not in Sheffield, but these companies offer mail order and are retail/therapeutic grade essential oils: http://www.essentiallyoils.com/ http://www.aromantic.co.uk/
  14. This is what I use - and it does the job very nicely! http://www.rnib.org.uk/shop/Pages/Category.aspx?Category=television
  15. Yup, still without water too... I'm in Wincobank S5. Thankfully very kind neighbour has been letting me fill up a container at theirs 'cos my mains pipe still seems to be frozen outside of the house.
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