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  1. So you reckon a driver who is obviously coming to the end of his shift does not have £4.00 in change and you want a realistic answer, about time you got out more into the real world. For every driver with an attitude like his there are plenty who are pleasant and want to help but this does not explain his refusal to let her get on. He should be sacked and never allowed to drive a public vehicle again. I know one thing if this happened to my family I would find out who he was and publicly shame him.
  2. A true gentleman and blades legend, one of the best red and white wizards. RIP.
  3. When you are cut do you not bleed? What colour do you bleed? So the life blood of everyone is red.
  4. 33 & 20 to gaunt, 51 does not do herdings any more it goes to charnock
  5. Seems to be spending more on a committee than on players so far.
  6. Would not have any released keep them locked up. ---------- Post added 07-05-2015 at 20:35 ---------- Is that twice in a season madine has been released ?
  7. Builders in at owlerton Is that a euphanism for the time of month all women suffer from ?.
  8. Will Colin Crompton be there with his fire bell to keep control ? But we all know by being a committee no one person can be blamed for anything so they all stand or fall together.
  9. Yes and he is bringing some players with him
  10. Anyone on here that played in the nomads league when it first started?, at the time I was playing for the penny black when the league was first formed, we held most of the meetings in the old queens head who also had a team. We played our games in longley park on the banana pitch, aptly named because you kicked uphill both halves. I think if all the pub teams folded football would become a minority participant sport, I played for quite a few pub teams over the years, as well as the post office and telecom teams, played on some of the best pitches and most of the worst, some had changing facilities and most had not, towards the end of season playing as many as 4 games in a week, sat, sun, tues and thurs, and loved every minute of it.
  11. Probably left the nought off the end and it was £3.50 ---------- Post added 02-02-2015 at 12:16 ---------- Could stagecoach be the next sponsors, god help if it is first
  12. Must be a fan of vin diesel then, will he turn out fast and furious or like our buses, slow and cumbersome?.
  13. As long as it was john west and not gone west
  14. I am not doing this through a particular bias towards anyone, many posters have seen the shenanigans lately and if like me it puts them off posting then the forum suffers. I just thought that a system in place could work and possibly make posters realise that not everyone is the same, it also needs any topic that seems to be attracting more animosity needs closing rather than suspending members.
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