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  1. Thinking of buying house near locke park. I wondered if anyone has any experiences of the area. Many thanks
  2. Hello. Any ideas on how to make a border with shrubs around the lawn. Also, can I plant immediately after digging excess lawn up or do I need to leave it or add fertiliser? Any suggestions most welcome. Thanks
  3. Recently moved in. Previous owner left codes but I have misplaced them.... very annoying!
  4. I've misplaced my house alarm codes. Any suggestions as to what the best next step is please? Thanks
  5. Is there a way of cycling from High Green to Wortley that doesn't involve having to go on the busy dual carriageway (? Halifax road)? Thanks
  6. I'd be interested in any groups. I'm in my mid fifties and have fairly recently gone dear in my right ear. Social life suffers because of this..
  7. thanks for replies....it will be car camping; not quite ready for wild camping yet.
  8. looking to go camping next year for first time. any recommendations for 1-2 man tent. thanks
  9. is any body else having problems in malin bridge area. have had no Tv for last couple of days.
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