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  1. Six years on has anyone any views on this pub? My son has lived in Texas for 11 years and is visiting this week. He craves a good pint and a pie with Hendos. Is this the place to go?
  2. Surely the employer an advise you on this? Give them a call.
  3. Thanks forthe info but I am in London this weekend, will keep checking this group now though.
  4. Hi I just came across this thread as I am a SF user, not a crafter, but my Mum who is a card crafter has just come to live with me in Bradwell near Hope so I was browsing to see if there are any local craft clubs for her to join. She can't get around on her own as much as she used to but I am happy to take her to shows / events or craft supply shops. I will keep a regular check to see what events are publicised on here.
  5. yes but the carpets will smother and kill the vegetation that is already there and stop more growing until we have sorted out the work that needs doing in the house. Come next spring we will tackle the garden. I have moved into rundown properties before and created new gardens from scratch this way, I appreciate if you want to grow plants of anykind the weeds are a necessary evil and I agree hand weeding is the best way.
  6. I need some old carpets to use to smother the weeds in my garden. Should be able to pick them up if in Sheffield. pm me please
  7. I have just posted an Engineering Apprenticeship job on SF and had to post it under General Vacancy as there is no header for Engineering or Manufacturing option. I have posted roles in the past on here and had the same problem. Seems daft in an area renown for its manufacturing
  8. OMG my car is in that shot- I always thought my OH had come from outer space!
  9. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/john-gardener-inquest-man-died-3230045 Do you bite your nails? Does your nearest and dearest nag you not to? Mr Gardner's is an unusual set of circumstances that led to his death but it makes you think
  10. I have a VOIP phone and within reason you can choose your number. I live just outsied Sheffield in the Hope Valley and as I run a business line I chose an 0114 prefix so it looks like the company is still Sheffield based (as it was for 25 years)
  11. this is a site you need to look at https://www.facebook.com/wearefourthcity
  12. They are advertised on the internet including Monster, Jobsite, & CV library. We have people applying from all over the UK and internationally. ---------- Post added 28-01-2014 at 17:35 ---------- The Patent Administrator job is not with a law firm. It is with Gripple Ltd. We use national internet job boards for all our advertising.
  13. We had a full structural survey before we purchased the house and appointed the builder as he came recommended. He has worked on old properties before and we trusted him to carry out most of the work. His team have been hard-working and knowledgeable to a point. We discussed the plastering of the walls and after our research we decided on the breathable membrane system, but problems began to arise when he fitted the fireplace over the existing concrete floor without our knowledge when we were on holiday. It looked great, and we moved on to work in other rooms. Only now - yes when the water table is rising - and the gallons of water used in plastering the whole house are drying out - is the damp floor problem showing.
  14. I own a recruitment company based in Sheffield - we have been trading for almost 25 years mainly work in the manufacturing sector and have never been busier. Current permanent roles we are looking to fill are: Administration Apprentice CAD Technician Multiskilled Maintenence Engineer Continuous Improvement manager Continuous Improvement Co-Ordinator Patent Administrator Russian Speaking Sales Administrator Japanese Sales Person IT Manager Management Accountant Mechanical Design Engineer All of these roles are NEW JOBS because the manufacturing companies I work for are growing. These are highly automated companies, but machinery does need people to design it, build it, run, service and constantly improve it so that the company can compete on an international playing field. And this is what local manufacturing companies with strong leaders are doing. Leeds, contrary to popular belief also has a strong manufacturing sector. What they also have is the finance and insurance jobs, and an airport. They are also run by a Labour council.
  15. the property is joined to our neighbours on one sire the other is straight onto the pavement so I think a call to the council is needed. It is not damp in the area near the pavement or in other rooms that are "lower" than the pavement at the other side of the property. I need someone who has experience to come out and advise us. (our builder not really sure on this point) Any recommendations?
  16. Yes thanks. We have realised that we have to be careful here. On all the downstairs walls we have used a breathable membrane system with lime plaster. This has taken much longer and cost much more than we initially thought. We have done this to a height of 5 ft but are not sure how to tackle the floors. I will look at the English Heritage site as you suggest. If anyone has experience of damp proofing floors in old properties please get in touch.
  17. Well I have looked at the concrete floor and I think it is just about at or maybe even below the outside level, although I think the concrete may only be about an inch thick in places. Maybe someone can advise if we will need a new concrete floor laying or can use a membrane and screed or something?
  18. We have damp on the concrete floor around the base of a stone fireplace in a cottage dating back to 1700's. It is causing the stone hearth and back of the fireplace to have damp marks on them. It is a party wall with our neighbours. Can anyone advise how to treat this (we may have to take the fireplace out) I want to lay a wooden floor in this room but am loathe to do this with a damp problem. I have read up on damp proofing concrete floors but there seems to be a lot of conflicting advice about painting on sealants , using membrane systems etc. The builder who installed the fireplace says it is because the water level around the cottage is high and we will never be able to fully eradicate the problem but this doesn't seem right. Or, can you recommend anyone who may be able to help or advise?
  19. I noticed this a couple of weeks ago.. I think the workmen had their works Christmas do the day before they painted the arrows.
  20. I am a Texans follower. My son has a season ticket for them in Houston. They aren't doing so well this year.
  21. Work from home- I have for over 10 years - I love getting up early and starting work without a commute , I can hang the washing out in my break from the computer and the time I would spend travelling if I had to commute I put back into the business. If you need to meet any customers etc you can rent office space by the hour. We use Aizlewood's mill on Nursery St - very professional staff and good rates. They also collect our post and if we need them to will take phone calls ie when I am on holiday.
  22. Last day to sign petition today http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/38772 - I think he should come back to York
  23. Don't worry that you are ruining it- most things grow back with vigour after a good prune. At least if you chop it back as a start you can see what you want to keep and what you want to take out.
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